AllianceThe Kun-Lai Expedition

Grummle Bazaar
Start Admiral Taylor [89.6, 32.6]
End Agent Connelly [65.1, 60.8]
Level 15-35
Category Pandaren Campaign
Experience 118000
Reputation +150 Operation: Shieldwall
Rewards 9g 92s 50c
Previous 2700/21000 revered with Operation: Shieldwall
Next A [15-35] A Kor'kron In Our Midst
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [15-35] The Kun-Lai Expedition.


Find Connelly at the Grummle Bazaar. Speak to Fennie Hornswaggle at Lion's Landing for transportation.

  • Find Connelly at the Grummle Bazaar


Glory to the Alliance, <class>. We are making gains against the Horde in the Krasarang Wilds, albeit slowly.

While we hold the front here, we need your help to fight a different battle - one that strikes at our enemy's heart.

Our SI:7 informant, Agent Connelly, has sent word that a Horde vanguard is moving up into the northern reaches of Kun-Lai Summit.

Go without delay. Make contact with Agent Connelly in the field, and find out what is going on.

Speak to Fennie over there for a flight in.


You will receive: 9g 92s 50c


<You do a doubletake when the Pandaren suddenly speaks with Connelly's voice.>

'Bout time, laddie! I've been waitin' fer ya to show up.

These Pandaren are good people but can't mix a martini fer nothin'.



Speak with Hilda once again for some more story along the way.

Gossip Take me to Garrosh'ar Advance.
Fennie Hornswaggle says: Howdy. How are ye today?
Fennie Hornswaggle says: After I dropped ye off last time, I heard there was some kind of sha infectin' our soldiers at the Shrine of Seven Stars.
Fennie Hornswaggle says: If ye and Prince Anduin hadn't been there, we could all be turnin' on each other, lettin' our anger get the best o' us!
Fennie Hornswaggle says: I also heard that King Varian swore he would never use the sha to no good.
Fennie Hornswaggle says: Maybe Varian ain't such a sour grape after all! Good ta see our King show some heart.
Fennie Hornswaggle says: Anyway, Agent Connelly sent me word to bring ya to him in Kun-Lai Summit.
Fennie Hornswaggle says: Sounds like the Horde are close to finding the location o' that Divine Bell, and that ain't no good.
Fennie Hornswaggle says: You'd better meet up wtih him in the field and see what Garrosh is up to.
Fennie Hornswaggle says: Good luck!

Fennie drops the adventurer off at the Grummle Bazaar in eastern Kun-Lai Summit, roughly 10 yards in front of Agent Connelly, who has taken the form of a pandaren.


  1. Neutral:
    1. A [15-35] Meet the Scout
    2. A [15-35] A King Among Men
    3. A [15-35] Lion's Landing
    4. A [15-35] A Little Patience
  2. Friendly 950/6,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Best Around
    2. A [15-35] To Catch A Spy
    3. A [15-35] Stirred, Not Shaken
  3. Friendly 4,900/6,000:
    1. A [15-35] He's In Deep
    2. A [15-35] Bugging Out, A [15-35] He Won't Even Miss It
  4. Honored 2,850/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Kirin Tor
    2. A [15-35] The Fate of Dalaran
  5. Honored 6,800/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] To Mogujia
    2. A [15-35] The Source of Korune Power, A [15-35] Bad Blood
  6. Honored 10,750/12,000:
    1. A [15-35] Anduin's Plea
    2. A [15-35] Heart Of The Alliance
  7. Revered 2,700/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Kun-Lai Expedition
    2. A [15-35] A Kor'kron In Our Midst
    3. A [15-35] Memory Wine
  8. Revered 6,650/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Ruins of Korune
    2. A [15-35] The Divine Bell
  9. Revered 8,900/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] Darnassus Attacked?
    2. A [15-35] Tracking the Thieves
    3. A [15-35] Jaina's Resolution
    4. A [15-35] Nowhere to Run, A [15-35] Nowhere to Hide, A [15-35] Sewer Cleaning, A [15-35] Unfair Trade, A [15-35] Cashing Out
    5. A [15-35] What Had To Be Done
  10. Revered 14,500/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Harmonic Mallet
    2. A [15-35] The Monkey King
    3. A [15-35] The First Riddle: Mercy, A [15-35] The Second Riddle: Fellowship, A [15-35] The Third Riddle: Strength
    4. A [15-35] The Greatest Prank
  11. Revered 18,500/21,000:
    1. A [15-35] The Handle, A [15-35] The Head, A [15-35] The Harmonic Ointment
  12. Exalted:
    1. A [15-35] The Bell Speaks
    2. A [15-35] Breath of Darkest Shadow
    3. A [15-35] The Silence

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