HordeThe Kun-Lai Expedition
Start General Nazgrim
End Baine Bloodhoof
Level 15-35
Category Pandaren Campaign
Experience 118,000
Reputation +150 Dominance Offensive
Rewards 9g 92s 50c
Next H [15-35] Ties with the Past
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [15-35] The Kun-Lai Expedition.


Find Baine Bloodhoof at Garrosh'ar Advance. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.

  • Find Baine Bloodhoof at Garrosh'ar Advance


I have another message for you from High Chieftain Bloodhoof.

It seems you've made quite the impression on him.

He travels with the Warchief's vanguard into Kun-Lai Summit, to the north. They have set up an outpost, Garrosh'ar Advance, just east of One Keg.

You had best not keep him waiting. Speak to Tak-Tak for swift travel.


You will receive:


Thank you for coming, <name>.


You must speak with Tak-Tak in order to get credit for finding Baine.

When players ask Tak-Tak for a ride, he'll make the following small talk:

I ain't seen you in a lick, wikket. How you been?
Tak-Tak been listenin'. Everybody think oh, Tak-Tak is a stupid hozen, he don't know anything.
But Tak-Tak know a lot about things!
Even big orc general, Nazgrim! He talk so loud! Tak-Tak hear everything!
Tak-Tak know this...
Lor'themar elf ranger thinkin' about leavin' the Horde!
Baine wonderin' if Garrosh might not be fit for chief.
And Garrosh is losin' patience over findin' that ookin' bell. Those mogu hide it good!
I hear, Garrosh is goin' to torture that mogu prisoner until he talks.
Anyway, you goin' that way.
Tell me if you find anything out, buddy!
Arriving in Garrosh'ar Advance
Garrosh Hellscream says: I am losing patience, Shan Kien. Tell me where I can find the Divine Bell!
Shan Kien says: Kill me if you must, but I owe no allegiance to you or your Horde. The only master I serve is the Thunder King.
Garrosh Hellscream says: Ishi, draw your blade. A few carefully delivered cuts will change his mind.
Baine Bloodhoof says: Garrosh, please. There may be another way. One that requires no bloodshed.
Garrosh Hellscream says: Speak, then!
Baine Bloodhoof says: I have learned how to make an ancient pandaren tincture that will allow us to see into Shan Kien's past. We have but to gather the elements for this brew.


  1. Neutral:
    1. H [15-35] Meet the Scout
    2. H [15-35] The Might of the Warchief
    3. H [15-35] Domination Point
    4. H [15-35] Dagger in the Dark
  2. Friendly 950/6,000:
    1. H [15-35] Rise Of An Empire
    2. H [15-35] Buried Secrets
    3. H [15-35] Voice of the Gods
  3. Friendly 4,900/6,000:
    1. H [15-35] Someone You Should See
    2. H [15-35] Regeneration Takes Time
    3. H [15-35] Find Thrall!
    4. H [15-35] The Horde Is Family
    5. H [15-35] De-Subjugation
  4. Honored 2,850/12,000:
    1. H [15-35] To Mogujia
    2. H [15-35] Bloodlines, H [15-35] Ancient Guardians, H [15-35] The Korune
  5. Honored 6,800/12,000:
    1. H [15-35] To the Valley!
    2. H [15-35] Legacy of the Korune, H [15-35] Clearing a Path
    3. H [15-35] Trapping the Leader
  6. Honored 10,750/12,000:
    1. H [15-35] Echoes of Thunder
    2. H [15-35] A Gathering Storm
  7. Revered 2,700/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] Get My Results!
    2. H [15-35] What's in the Box?
  8. Revered 6,650/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] The Kun-Lai Expedition
    2. H [15-35] Ties with the Past
    3. H [15-35] Memory Wine
  9. Revered 10,650/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] The Ruins of Korune
    2. H [15-35] The Divine Bell
  10. Revered 14,500/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] Insertion
    2. H [15-35] The Darnassus Mission
    3. H [15-35] Victorious Return
  11. Revered 18,350/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] The Situation In Dalaran
    2. H [15-35] It Starts in the Sewers
    3. H [15-35] Violence in the Arena
    4. H [15-35] Hand of the Silver Covenant
    5. H [15-35] A Tactical Assault
    6. H [15-35] The Silver Covenant's Stronghold, H [15-35] The Kirin Tor's True Colors, H [15-35] Krasus' Landing
    7. H [15-35] The Remaining Sunreavers
    8. H [15-35] One Last Grasp
    9. H [15-35] A Return to Krasarang
  12. Exalted:
    1. H [15-35] The Bell Speaks
    2. H [15-35] Breath of Darkest Shadow

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