The Land Provides

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HordeThe Land Provides

Start Icevine [54.2, 67.5]
End Gazlowe [52.5, 53.3]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Frostfire Ridge
Experience 13700
Rewards 5x [Garrison Resources]
11g 40s
Previous H [91] Winds of Change


Collect 30 Frozen Plant Matter.


The icevines of the Shivering Trench have developed a powerful resistance to cold temperatures. Integrating them into the construction materials of the garrison should prove useful.


You will receive: 5x [Garrison Resources] and 11g 40s


Look at you, bein' all resourceful.


Now this is some handy stuff. This weather has been cutting through our supplies of rope so quick we need something we can use to provide an alternative. Looks like you scored the jackpot.


  • 13700 XP


While in the area to rescue H [91] Winds of Change, look out for an Icevine in the center of the Shivering Trench, where Coldtusk patrolls. There is plenty of Icevine all along the valley, and each node provides 3-5  [Frozen Plant Matter].


  1. H [90] The Home of the Frostwolves
  2. H [91] A Song of Frost and Fire
  3. H [90] Of Wolves and Warriors
  4. H [90] For the Horde!
  5. Complete all of:
  6. H [91] Establish Your Garrison
  7. Complete all of:
  8. H [90] Build Your Barracks
  9. H [90] We Need An Army
  10. H [91] Winds of Change
    • Side quest: H [90] The Land Provides (optional)
  11. H [91] Mission Probable

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