The Last Labor

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NecrolordThe Last Labor

Xandria and Alexandros preparing to face Antolyte
Start Xandria [30.0, 55.2]
End Xandria [29.7, 53.1]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Necrolord Campaign
Experience 11,800
Rewards  [Bladesworn Conjurer's Gloves]
or  [Bladesworn Wraith's Stranglers]
or  [Bladesworn Tactician's Gauntlets]
or  [Bladesworn Harbinger's Crushers]
51g 48s
Previous N [60] Wipe the Slate Clean
Next N [60] Afterlife Goes On


Baroness Antolyte
"Baroness of the House of Constructs. Commander of the Maldraxxi reinforcements."

Slay Baroness Antolyte.


The evil that threatens Bastion crumbles beneath us. But if we allow this cruel baroness to evade justice, we have not won this day.

She cowers in the necropolis above, casting her shadow on this once sacred temple.

We will pull the dagger from our backs. This wound will heal.


You will receive one of:
Inv glove cloth maldraxxus d 01.png [Bladesworn Conjurer's Gloves] Inv glove leather maldraxxus d 01.png [Bladesworn Wraith's Stranglers]
Inv glove mail maldraxxus d 01.png [Bladesworn Tactician's Gauntlets] Inv glove plate maldraxxus d 01.png [Bladesworn Harbinger's Crushers]

You will also receive:

  • 51g 48s
  • 11,800 XP


This is all that remains.


May her memory fade from this place.


On accept:

Xandria says: We have but one enemy left to slay. Speak to me when you are prepared.

Speak with Xandria again:

You will atone for your people's crimes.

Gossip I'm ready. Fly me to the necropolis.

Xandria grabs Alexandros and the player and flies to the interior of Zolramus, where Antolyte is waiting.
Baroness Antolyte says: Enough of your meddling! Face me, so that I might crush you once and for all!
Xandria says: Coward! I will rip your carcass from my temple and cast it into oblivion!

Aggro her:

Baroness Antolyte says: All of Bastion will be ours!

Finish her off:

Baroness Antolyte says: You... will never... win...
Xandria says: At last, the darkness clears from my temple... Yet, I feel it will not be absent long without action.
Alexandros Mograine says: The Constructs are nothing if not persistent. But I swear to the Light that we will purge them from Bastion.


  1. N [60] The Only Cure
  2. N [60] Peace by Piece, N [60] No Hesitation, No Surrender, N [60] Death Rains
  3. N [60] Don't Cross Courage
  4. N [60] Aerial Absolution, N [60] Sustain, In Vain
  5. N [60] Wipe the Slate Clean
  6. N [60] The Last Labor
  7. N [60] Afterlife Goes On
  8. N [60] No Peace In Death
  9. N [60] All I Ever Will Be
  10. N [60] Do Not Forget
  11. N [60] The Golden Dawn

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