The Last Menethil

The location of the pamphlets (bottom left of the image) relative to Calston Estate (upper right).

The Last Menethil is a Scarlet Brotherhood propaganda pamphlet located in a stand of trees just southwest of Calston Estate in Tirisfal Glades.[43.73, 54.79] Three other similar pamphlets are lying in the same location:  [The Cursed Old Wolf],  [The Traitor King], and  [The Would-Be Queen].


Knowing that our dear Princess Calia was ASSASSINATED by Traitor Wrynn and raised as undead is a pang in our hearts, brothers and sisters.

But do not lose hope! King Terenas' dynasty will yet live on!

It was a well-guarded secret that during the late days of her father's reign, Princess Calia wed a nobleman of the ARATHI bloodline.

The prideful Arthas demanded that this truth remain hidden until he himself had wed and sired an heir. Of course, that never came to be.

But... a child WAS indeed born!

Princess Calia gave birth to a son. Yes, an HEIR to the Menethil throne!

Sadly, the princess was separated from her husband and child during a Scourge attack. Her family was presumed dead.

But let joy fill your hearts, friends... for the child was SAVED!

The young prince was rescued by a good-hearted citizen of Lordaeron. He has been kept sheltered and safe all these years by members of the Scarlet Brotherhood. We have him in a SECURE location that must, for obvious reasons, remain secret.

We had intended to reunite the young heir with his mother. Sadly, the Traitor King of the Alliance had Princess Calia murdered by his Banshee lover. The abomination that now walks this land is NOT Princess Calia!

Retribution will fall upon these monsters! Lordaeron is for the LIVING!

Let hope rise in your hearts, brothers and sisters. Once we have purged the undead FILTH and the CURSED worgen from our homeland, the young king will be revealed!

The Traitor Wrynn will be exposed and our TRUE king will take the throne. The Menethil dynasty WILL be restored!

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