NeutralThe Lich King's Last Stand
Start Highlord Darion Mograine
End Highlord Darion Mograine
Level 30 (Requires 30)
Type Raid
Category Icecrown Citadel
Experience 44,100
Reputation +3,000 The Ashen Verdict
Rewards 33g 20s


Highlord Darion Mograine in Icecrown Citadel wants you to kill the Lich King.


 [Shadowmourne]; a newly forged weapon already steeped in this world's history, reborn into an unrivaled destiny.

With this weapon you bear a solemn responsibility, and the time to carry out that charge is at hand.

Take this weapon of myth and legend and march on the enemy. Avenge the countless heroes lost in his merciless campaign. Bring rest to their tortured souls.

Steel yourself, <class>, and guide Shadowmourne to fulfill the purpose of its creation.


You will receive: 29g 60s


So, at last it is done.

May the people of Azeroth remember our deeds here forevermore. May the sacrifices of so many burn in their hearts eternally. May they never fail to risk mortal peril in the face of great evil.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. N [30R] The Sacred and the Corrupt
  2. N [30R] Shadow's Edge
  3. N [30R] A Feast of Souls
  4. N [30R] Unholy Infusion
  5. N [30R] Blood Infusion
  6. N [30R] Frost Infusion
  7. N [30R] The Splintered Throne
  8. N [30R] Empowerment
  9. N [30R] Shadowmourne...
  10. N [30R] The Lich King's Last Stand

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