The Lies of a Loa

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HordeThe Lies of a Loa
Start Spirit of Vol'jin
End Princess Talanji
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category The Shadow Hunter
Experience 1,800
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous H [120] Where He Died
Next H [120] The Loa of Death


Meet Talanji at the Necropolis in Nazmir.


Hidden memories, spirits attackin' us for investigating, and a long road of bodies in da wake of me makin' Sylvanas warchief.

I be thinkin' it time ya speak with Ol' Bwonsamdi. Odd as it sounds, dis don't seem like his style. Dat don't mean he not be behind it.

Ya best work with Talanji. From what little I been seein', da death loa got a soft spot for her highness. You can confront Bwonsamdi at his necropolis in Nazmir. Just... be respectful.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


We must be very careful. Bwonsamdi may be fond of humor, but his wrath toward those who disrespect him is de stuff of legends.


Talanji stands at the entrance of the Necropolis with Baine Bloodhoof and Rokhan.



8.0 questline

  1. H [120] Zalazane Returns
  2. H [120] Broken Bargain & H [120] The Glaive of Vol'jin
  3. H [120] Vengeance for Vol'jin
  4. H [120] Honoring a True Leader
  5. H [120] Vol'jin, Son of Sen'jin
  6. H [120D] Atal'Dazar: Ashes of a Warchief
  7. H [120] You Owe Me a Spirit
  8. H [120] The Lost Spirit
  9. H [120] Spirit Call
  10. H [120R] Justice for the Fallen
  11. H [120] The True Leader of Zandalar

8.1 questline

  1. H [120] Wisdom of the Warchief
  2. H [120] Shades of Disruption
  3. H [120] To the Broken Shore
  4. H [120] Where He Fell
  5. H [120] To Orgrimmar
  6. H [120] Where He Died
  7. H [120] The Lies of a Loa
  8. H [120] The Loa of Death
    1. H [120] Jailor of the Damned & H [120] Eyir
    2. H [120] Confront The Val'kyr
  9. H [120] Mysteries of Death

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