NeutralThe Light Mother
Start High Exarch Turalyon
End High Exarch Turalyon [37.4, 53.5]
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Krokuun
Reputation +150 Army of the Light
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous N [45] Lightly Roasted
Next N [45] Light's Return


Find Xe'ra within the Xenedar.

  • Teleportation Crystals placed (3)
  • Xe'ra rescued


We must know for sure whether the Light Mother survived, <name>.

Xe'ra was weakened by sending her heart to Azeroth, but she is the prime naaru. She is the Light, and she cannot fade.

Let's head into the Xenedar and look for her. Light willing, she will return to guide us once more.


You will receive: 14g 60s


Light Mother... you must have survived...


Light be praised! This was a dark day, and many lives were lost.

But the Army endures. The Light Mother's prophecy will be fulfilled.

All is as it was meant to be.



Once you have placed the teleportation crystals, right-click Xe'ra to finish things up.

Quest accept
High Exarch Turalyon says: I sense Xe'ra in the central chamber. Thank the Light! We are not too late.
Alleria Windrunner says: And what then? I was locked in a cell for delving into the Void against her wishes. Will she make me a prisoner again? Or worse?
High Exarch Turalyon says: Xe'ra will see that you risked your life to save her. Her faith in you will be restored--I know it!
High Exarch Turalyon says: Xe'ra! Don't worry, you are safe now.
High Exarch Turalyon says: Come, champion. Help me guide her to the Vindicaar. Then we can get out of here!


  1. B [45] The Hand of Fate
  2. B [45] Two If By Sea
  3. N [45] Light's Exodus
  4. N [45] The Vindicaar
  5. N [45] Into the Night
  6. N [45] Alone in the Abyss
  7. N [45] Righteous Fury & N [45] Overwhelming Power & N [45] A Stranger's Plea
  8. N [45] Vengeance
  9. N [45] Signs of Resistance
  10. N [45] The Prophet's Gambit
  11. N [45] Rendezvous
  12. N [45] From Darkness
  13. N [45] Threat Reduction & N [45] Prisoners No More
  14. N [45] A Strike at the Heart
  15. N [45] Return to the Vindicaar
  16. N [45] A Moment of Respite
  17. N [45] Gathering Light
  18. N [45] Crystals Not Included & N [45] The Best Prevention & N [45] A Grim Equation
  19. N [45] Fire At Will
  20. N [45] Locating the Longshot
  21. N [45] Bringing the Big Guns
  22. N [45] Lightly Roasted
  23. N [45] The Light Mother
  24. N [45] Light's Return
  25. N [45] The Child of Light and Shadow
  26. N [45] Essence of the Light Mother
  27. N [45] The Vindicaar Matrix Core
  28. N [45] An Offering of Light
  29. N [45] The Burning Heart — onwards to the Antoran Wastes

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