The Light and How to Swing It is a rare and precious book written by Sire Uther the Lightbringer, it was never intended to be read by anyone other than the one for whom it was written, for Arthas Menethil.

But over time, many people have benefited from Uther's wisdom and experience. The book was retrieved from the Athenaeum in Dire Maul, and was until recently in the hands of Lorekeeper Mykos. Following the Fourth War, she graciously donated the book to the Paladin archives at the Sanctum of Light, and removed the mark from the Athenaeum, allowing all paladins to browse through it.[1]

It was also a quest starting item that leads to the paladin version of the  [Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas].[2]


Being a true paladin of the Light is both a blessing and a burden. A blessing, in that the Light will come when you ask it to, and you may save the lives of injured comrades while fighting your enemies. A burden, in that you must be willing to shoulder more than you think you can, to do all that the Light tasks you, be it small or great. I know your passion, Arthas, your earnestness and enthusiasm. These are important qualities, for paladins must strike down their foes, not just protect their allies. But these traits must be tempered, with prayer and meditation. Only a calm mind will provide clear actions; only a peaceful heart may be truly infused with the Light. I hope one day you will pause long enough to take a breath and ask for help from the Light, and that it may rush to you joyfully with the answers you seek.[3]


The Light and How to Swing It drops from all bosses in Dire Maul, and can be found inside of Dusty Tomes in Dire Maul.

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  • According Mathias Shaw, Arthas would not have benefited from the teachings of the book, and therefore from Uther's experience and advice, but many have.[1]

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