HordeThe Loa of Death
Start Princess Talanji
End Bwonsamdi
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category The Shadow Hunter
Experience 17,850
Reputation +250 Zandalari Empire
+250 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Core] (750 [Azerite])
23g 40s
Previous H [50] The Lies of a Loa
Next H [50] Jailor of the Damned & H [50] Eyir


Confront Bwonsamdi.


Bwonsamdi is a dangerous loa, but even I do not believe he whispered to Vol'jin on his deathbed. To appoint Sylvanas sounds, well... he is not fond of de undead. And from what I have seen of de warchief, she is no fan of death.

We must be respectful when we speak to Bwonsamdi, or dere will be consequences. Come, stay close.


You will receive:


Now listen here, mon. Usually, ya disrespectul actions would be mighty irritatin' to Ol' Bwonsamdi. But I be lettin' dis one slide. For now.

What ya be talkin' about sounds like some bad mojo. I gonna need ya to find out more from some of me... "old friends."


A cutscene plays upon acceptance:

Talanji, Baine Bloodhoof, Rokhan and the Horde adventurer enter the Necropolis. Bwonsamdi manifests himself before them.
Bwonsamdi says: Ahhhh, ya come back. Did ya find da spirit of Vol'jin? Or ya here ta make a deal?
Princess Talanji says: Loa of death, your servant Vol'jin has called to you. Yet you have turned a deaf ear to his pleas.
Bwonsamdi says: What? Nonono. Ya be mistaken, Talanji.
Baine Bloodhoof yells: Speak plainly! Was it you who urged Vol'jin to name Sylvanas warchief?
Bwonsamdi says: Mind ya tone, bull-mon... or ya be talkin' with ya father soon enough.
Bwonsamdi says: Why would me want da Banshee Queen in charge? Nononono. Sure, I be all for war and death, but dat Sylvanas... she be tippin' da scales too far.
Bwonsamdi says: Balance be important! Besides, dat one got a nasty habit of keepin' what she kills. No, ya warchief be no friend to ol' Bwonsamdi.
Bwonsamdi says: Ya words be troublin', though. Step forward, Speaker of da Horde. Maybe dere be a way ta find da answers ya seek.


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