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For other lakes named Loch, see Loch.
The Loch (Cataclysm)

The Loch drained after the Cataclysm

The Loch is the single most prominent feature of the dwarven territory of Loch Modan. It was once the largest body of water on the continent of Khaz Modan, and third in size in the entire known world after the Lordamere and Darrowmere lakes. Fed by an underground source, the loch was originally much smaller, but more than doubled its size after the dwarves of Khaz Modan built the Stonewrought Dam at the loch's northern end.[citation needed] 

However, Deathwing's emergence into Azeroth resulted in the destruction of the Stonewrought Dam, draining much of the lake into the Wetlands. The Twilight's Hammer has set up camp on two of the islands in the middle of the lakebed.

Notes and trivia[]

  • The draining of the loch brought horrible ecological devastation. The fish disappeared, and there are now acres of dead threshadons out there left to rot in the sun. The buzzards are after them, and they're spreading all manner of filth and disease.[1] Some threshadons survived being washed away and ended up in the Wetlands.[2]
  • The fact that the Loch is inhabited by threshadons may be a reference to the Loch Ness Monster which is often described as plesiosaur-like (like threshadons). The Modan Monster appears to be a reference to the Loch Ness monster.


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