NeutralThe Looming Dark

The Eternal Ones convene
Start Tal-Inara [38.9, 70.0]
End Tal-Inara [38.9, 70.0]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Oribos
Experience 9,450
Rewards 12g 87s
Previous N [60] The End of the Beginning
Next N [50-60] Choosing Your Purpose


Reveal the Jailer's plan.


It is good you have returned safely from Revendreth, <name>. We sensed a betrayal that has shifted the infinite threads of fate.

The Maw surges with power. We must know the cause.


You will receive:

  • 12g 87s
  • 9,450 XP


As the bearer of this news, you must bear this burden as well.


You have done well. See that you continue to do so.


On accept:

General Draven says: Denathrius caused the anima drought and has fed his vast stores into the Maw. He is in league with the Jailer.
Tal-Inara says: Purpose save us all! It is worse than we could have imagined.
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: It seems the Jailer has been pulling the strings of fate on our world as well.
Overseer Kah-Sher says: Honored Voice! The Eternal Ones have summoned you to the Arbiter's chamber!
Tal-Inara says: Then I must answer their call. Come with me, Maw Walker. Perhaps they can guide our path.
Tal-Inara says: Kah-Delen, bring the covenant representatives to the Enclave. After the mortal and I have finished, we will convene with you there. With her voice have I spoken.
Overseer Kah-Delen says: Blessed be her voice.
A cutscene plays. Tal-Inara and the Maw Walker walk to the center of the Crucible, as the Arbiter stands, ever still.
Tal-Inara says: As the Arbiter's voice, I heed the call of the Eternal Ones. How may I serve?
Images of Kyrestia the Firstborne and the Winter Queen appear, along with the banner of the Primus.
Kyrestia the Firstborne says: The Maw grows, surging with power! How did this come to pass?!
Winter Queen says: The evil we believed forever bound has conspired to distract and divide us.
Winter Queen says: The Primus realized the truth, but his warning came too late. I fear he paid a grave price for this knowledge.
The image of Prince Renathal appears.
Kyrestia the Firstborne says: You speak for Revendreth? Where is your sire? Where is our brother Denathrius?
Prince Renathal says: My sire... has betrayed us all.
Prince Renathal says: The drought was his doing. He stole the very lifeblood of our realms, starving his own people... and yours as well.
Prince Renathal says: When his lies were exposed, Denathrius unleashed his vast coffers of anima into the Maw... to fuel the might of his true master.
Kyrestia the Firstborne says: Long ago, we stood as one to imprison that... monster.
Kyrestia the Firstborne says: With the Primus gone and Denathrius a traitor, our pantheon has been broken... and doom comes for the Shadowlands.
Prince Renathal says: There is yet hope. This mortal saved me from the Maw and revealed the sire's treachery.
Winter Queen says: They aided my forest as well. Their kind has shown great potential. If focused, it could turn the tide in our favor.
Kyrestia the Firstborne says: Agreed. For the good of the Shadowlands, each mortal must choose a covenant.
Winter Queen says: And when our realms have regained their strength, we will stand together against the darkness.
Tal-Inara says: I will see it done, Eternal Ones. With her voice have I spoken.
Tal-Inara says: Come, mortal. The hour of decision is at hand.


  1. N [60] The End of the Beginning
  2. N [60] The Looming Dark
  3. N [50-60] Choosing Your Purpose

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