The Lost Gem

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AllianceThe Lost Gem
Start Teronis' Corpse
End Orendil Broadleaf
Level 7-30 (Requires 7)
Category Ashenvale
Experience 1650
Reputation 250 Darnassus
Rewards  [Falathim-Washed Robes],
 [Broadleaf Mantle],
 [Maestra's Gloves] or
 [Broadleaf Spaulders]
10s (or 10s 20c at max level)
Previous A [7-30] Finding Teronis
Next A [7-30] To Raene Wolfrunner


Find the Glowing Gem.


As you rummage through Teronis' belongings, you find a water-damaged journal.

Quickly flipping through the last legible pages, you read that Teronis makes mention of finding the gem, but then of having lost it in the Falathim area.

The only thing left to do is find it. Perhaps the tendrils have it...?


You will be able to choose one of the following:
Inv chest cloth 01.png [Falathim-Washed Robes] Inv shoulder 12.png [Broadleaf Mantle]
Inv gauntlets 29.png [Maestra's Gloves] Inv shoulder 12.png [Broadleaf Spaulders]

You will also receive: 10s (or 10s 20c at max level)


Ah, welcome back, <name>.


This is terrible, <name>. Teronis is dead?!

The time for mourning will come, but for now we must focus our efforts. I will send some of the Sentinels to recover Teronis' body and to assist the keeper.

You have the gem that Teronis was seeking? It must be delivered to Astranaar.



  1. A [7-30] Finding Teronis
  2. A [7-30] The Lost Gem
  3. A [7-30] To Raene Wolfrunner
  4. A [7-30] Dryad Delivery
  5. A [7-30] Search the Bole
  6. A [7-30] Playing Possum
  7. A [7-30] Return to Raene
  8. A [7-30] Dartol's Rod
  9. A [7-30] King of the Foulweald
  10. A [7-30] A New Adornment
  11. A [7-30] True Power of the Rod

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