NeutralThe Lost Glacier
Start Automatic
End Deep Crack
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Death Knight Campaign
Rewards [Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher]
19g 40s
Previous N Death Knight [45] Draconic Secrets

Lost Glacier location shown in the loading screen.


Travel to the Lost Glacier.

  • Travelled to the Lost Glacier
  • Kyranastrasz found and resurrected


<The Lich King's presence is overwhelming.>

Do you know why the red dragonflight seeks to prevent us from finding our prize?

The bones of a great red dragon teem with the essence of life, even decades after its passing.

You will consume this life essence, blight it, and turn it to undeath.

And then you will raise a dragon.

Fly now into the north. Find this glacier, and your destiny.

<The presence fades.>


You will learn: [Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


<A crack in the ice beneath the snow, it's very deep. You feel the unholy power surge within you, this would be the ideal location to unleash the energy to raise the dragon.>


Upon reaching the northern edge of Icecrown:

The Lich King says: Continue north, Deathlord, into the blizzard. And hold tight to your reins.

Stage 1: Uncharted Territory

The Lich King says: It is here... I can feel it. Your supplies have likely frozen. I sense feral undead buried in the ice. It seems the time has come to test your will.
The Lich King says: Of course, should you fail to survive, know that I shall claim Acherus for my own. Arthas may have sought revenge on the citadel, but I have... other plans.

You will frequently come under attack by Feral Ghouls, so quickly run north to the Frozen Span. You also won't be able to use any food to heal yourself, so you'll have to rely on [Death Strike] to heal yourself up.

Stage 2: The Frozen Span

The Lich King says: You are getting close. I can sense the spark of life ahead of you. You will bring decay to this lost place.

Once you enter the Frozen Span area, you'll no longer be harassed by Feral Ghouls, can eat and/or drink, and be able mount up. Continue traveling mostly north to reach Kyranastrasz' Rest.

Stage 3: Essence of the Red

  • Red dragon's essence collected
The Lich King says: I sense many feral undead nearby. They have been feeding on its life energy. Take it from them. Slay them all.

Kill any undead mobs you come across until the tracker bar at the bottom center of your screen is filled.

Stage 4: Life to Death

  • Life essence turned to death
The Lich King says: You have stolen the dragon's life energy. Now, bend it to your desires. Pervert it with your darkness.

Use the special action button "Life to Death" to blight the life energy.

Final Stage: Unholy Resurrection

  • Dragon reanimated
The Lich King says: I can feel the unholy energy surging within you. Raise the dragon and claim it as your own.

Go to where there is a deep crack in the ice (denoted by a ?) and turn in the quest.


  1. N Death Knight [45] Amal'thazad's Message
  2. N Death Knight [45] Frozen Memories
  3. N Death Knight [45] Draconic Secrets
  4. N Death Knight [45] The Lost Glacier

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