The Lost Spirit

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Not to be confused with N [72] The Lost Spirits.
HordeThe Lost Spirit
Start Bwonsamdi
End Princess Talanji
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category The Shadow Hunter
Experience 1,800
Reputation +10 Zandalari Empire
+10 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous H [120] You Owe Me a Spirit
Next H [120] Spirit Call


Speak with Princess Talanji in the Port of Zandalar.


It high time you an' I had a talk about ol' Vol'jin's missin' spirit.

Dis goes beyond simple bargains and rights of passage. Spirits don' just go missin'.

You gotta few friends dat are gonna help ya track Vol'jin's spirit down. Dem who was friends to him in life should have da strength to find him in death. And if not, Talanji gonna help ya.

Go to Talanji's ship in da Port of Zandalar. It be dat banged up ship ya came in on. You gonna do a little seance.


You will receive:


I am here because Master Gadrin and Rokhan asked for my aid and it is my gratitude for their deeds and yours that makes me willing to do this.

NOT because Bwonsamdi insisted.

If he can't keep track of his own spirits that is a "him" problem, not a "me" problem.



8.0 questline

  1. H [120] Zalazane Returns
  2. H [120] Broken Bargain & H [120] The Glaive of Vol'jin
  3. H [120] Vengeance for Vol'jin
  4. H [120] Honoring a True Leader
  5. H [120] Vol'jin, Son of Sen'jin
  6. H [120D] Atal'Dazar: Ashes of a Warchief
  7. H [120] You Owe Me a Spirit
  8. H [120] The Lost Spirit
  9. H [120] Spirit Call
  10. H [120R] Justice for the Fallen
  11. H [120] The True Leader of Zandalar

8.1 questline

  1. H [120] Wisdom of the Warchief
  2. H [120] Shades of Disruption
  3. H [120] To the Broken Shore
  4. H [120] Where He Fell
  5. H [120] To Orgrimmar
  6. H [120] Where He Died
  7. H [120] The Lies of a Loa
  8. H [120] The Loa of Death
    1. H [120] Jailor of the Damned & H [120] Eyir
    2. H [120] Confront The Val'kyr
  9. H [120] Mysteries of Death

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