AllianceThe MOTHERLODE!!: Ironfoe
Start Moira Thaurissan
End Moira Thaurissan
Level 50-60
Category Dark Iron Dwarf
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Fragment]
23g 40s
Previous A [50-60] Blackrock Depths
Next A [50-60] Molten Core


Recover Ironfoe from Mogul Razdunk.


Mogul Razdunk has always been a jealous sort, wishin' he was Gallywix or better.

But he's the worst sort o' greedy. He won't stop at anythin' tae achieve his ends, nae matter the cost.

It was a bold move even fer him tae strike at us in Blackrock Depths.

He should've knaewn he was goin' too far. Kill that covetous wretch an' bring the hammer back where it belongs.

You'll find him in Kezan. Somewhere he calls "The Motherlode," likely with too many exclamation points.


You will receive: 23g 40s
Inv radientazeritefragment.png [Radiant Azerite Fragment]


I wish I could see the look on his face as ye rip the hammer away from his cold hands.


Serves him right fer stealin' one o' our most sacred artifacts. I hope he squirmed.


On accept, the Mole Machine to Stormwind appears. Complete the MOTHERLODE!! dungeon on any difficulty and loot Ironfoe from Mogul Razdunk. Return to Moira at the Stormwind Embassy.


  1. A [50-60] Blackrock Depths
  2. A [50-60] The MOTHERLODE!!: Ironfoe
  3. A [50-60] Molten Core
  4. A [50-60] Firelands
  5. A [50-60] Forged in Fire an' Flame
  6. A [50-60] Dark Iron Dwarves

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