The Magister's Apprentice

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HordeThe Magister's Apprentice
Start Magister Duskwither[60, 61]
End Apprentice Loralthalis[69, 57]
Level 10 (Requires 8)
Category Eversong Woods
Experience 85
Reputation +10 Silvermoon City
Next H [10] Deactivating the Spire


Speak with Apprentice Loralthalis near Duskwither Spire in Eversong Woods.


<class>, hear my request. For reasons that I cannot go into now, I decided to shut down my nearby school. A few days ago, I sent one of my pupils, Apprentice Loralthalis, there with this very task. I have not heard back from her since.

Will you go to Duskwither Spire and check in on her, to make sure that she is well? You'll find it by heading north on the path out of Farstrider Retreat, then go to the right when the road branches.


I hope Loralthalis is alright, <class>. Maybe I should go up to Duskwither Spire myself? Maybe I should have done that in the first place?


The magister was concerned for my wellbeing? How sweet; I wish that he had shown such an interest before, when we were at the Spire.

That doesn't matter now. Please listen carefully, <class>, as I have a favor to ask of you.



  1. H [10] The Magister's Apprentice (optional breadcrumb)
  2. H [10] Deactivating the Spire
  3. H [10] Word from the Spire

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