The Malice of Maldraxxus

The Malice of Maldraxxus is a book located in Darkwall Tower[42, 49.1]


Blip.png in Revendreth and is a quest objective of Necrolord 15.png [60] The Two Sides of History.


The Malice of Maldraxxus

<You open to a random page in the heavy tome. The words are densely packed and detail the many various war crimes perpetrated by the Maldraxxi Margrave Gharmal.

The author has managed to make details of the horrifying events as dry and dull as the paper it's written on>

<Skipping further ahead, this passage covers the aranakk and the House of Eyes. The author speculates that at some long forgotten point the aranakk were created purely to be elite spies for Maldraxxus.>

<This section gives a withering attack on the Maldraxxi war tactics, calling their scorched earth methods worse than the invasion of outside forces.>

If the enemy doesn't destroy everything, Maldraxxus will in their pursuit of the enemy.

<The author has gone into great detail explaining why she feels that raising enemy corpses as skeletal soldiers should be a war crime.

The book's theme is consistent, that Maldraxxus is a place where those who should be punished by Revendreth are sent and then allowed to commit atrocities in the name of protecting the Shadowlands.>

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