The Masks We Wear

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NeutralThe Masks We Wear
Start Silgryn
End Ly'leth Lunastre
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Suramar
Experience 16,450
Reputation +75 The Nightfallen
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N [110] Sympathizers Among the Shal'dorei
Next N [110] Blood of My Blood


Speak with 8 Masqued Revelers while in costume, then speak with Ly'leth Lunastre.


Many nightborne had pinned their hopes on Thalyssra deposing the Grand Magistrix. Since she disappeared, dissenting voices have grown silent.

We must spread the word, discreetly, among the populace. Ly'leth Lunastre will be a perfect ally in this. She is a socialite with many connections, and she is no friend of the Legion.

Ly'leth hosts a masquerade party at her estate where rumors are traded like coin - and brandished like daggers.

Let us invite ourselves in.


You will receive: 19g 40s


Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Meet Ly'leth Lunastre
Ah, you must be the outlander Silgryn has told me about.

Gossip  Pleased to meet you, Lady Ly'leth.

Well, aren't you charming?


That mask suits you.

In Suramar, it can be quite advantageous to be someone else for a time...



On accept:

Silgryn says: We shall use the garden entrance.
Silgryn leads you to two tables with masks lying on them.
Silgryn says: Enchanted masks. Simply don the mask, and a magical costume will envelop your body.
Silgryn activates a mask as he proceeds up the path, gaining a moth costume.
Silgryn says: It should be enough to fool the other guests, but stay clear of the guards.
Silgryn says: I will find Ly'leth. You stay out of trouble.
Silgryn starts running.
Silgryn says: Just enjoy the party for a bit. You know... mingle.

Walk around the Lunastre Estate and talk to 8 Masqued Revelers. As instructed, stay clear of guards. If you walk within certain range of a guard, they will shout a warning and cast a spell that will dispel your disguise if you stay in the spell's radius (shown as a circle around the guard), after which the guards will become hostile and attack.

If you lose your disguise, reach a safe spot and reapply it.

You should have already completed N [110] Survey Says... to finish the Chief Telemancer Oculeth questline. In that case, don't forget to activate the nearby telemancy beacon, so you will have a permanent two-way portal to Shal'Aran!

After talking to eight revelers, approach Ly'leth, who Silgryn has found. You will walk in on her talking to her sibling, Anarys Lunastre.

Ly'leth Lunastre says: This is not up for debate, Anarys. You are either with us, or against us. Choose wisely.
Anarys Lunastre says: I will hear no more of your scheming! You endanger everything our father worked for!
Anarys turns around and leaves.
Ly'leth Lunastre says: <sigh> Dear child... Do you not realize what he died for?


  1. N [110] Sympathizers Among the Shal'dorei
  2. N [110] The Masks We Wear
  3. N [110] Blood of My Blood
  4. N [110] Masquerade
  5. N [110] First Contact

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