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The subject of this article or section was part of the Elemental Unrest, a world event that heralded the beginning of the earth-shattering Cataclysm.

HordeThe Master's Plan
Start Overseer Jintak [31.3, 65.0]
End Overseer Jintak [31.3, 65.0]
Level 80 (Requires 1)
Category Cataclysm
Rewards 13g 23s
Previous H [80] Spreading The Word
Next H [80] The Doomsday Plan
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [80] The Master's Plan.


Learn more about the cult's plans at the altar in the eastern part of the Jaggedswine Farm.


You're fitting in well here, <name>, but there is more to us than daily chores and spreading the message. I'm sure you heard a little bit about it when you first joined.

As you know, this world is ending and the unprepared will die painful deaths.

We have been given a gift, an opportunity to become something greater and more powerful. Overseer Golbaz is preparing for a ritual at the altar just west of the orchard. Wait there for him, and learn more of your new brothers and sisters.


You will receive: 13g 23s (at 80)


Have you learned more about our master's plan?


Now that you understand the master's plan, you must prepare to play your part in making it a reality.


The guy himself - or at least his image.

Every few minutes Golbaz will spawn, leading a group of cultists past Jintak's position. Just to the west at [49.6, 16.4] is a huge Twilight's Hammer altar! There, the cultists perform a ritual to summon the image of Cho'Gall!

Image of Cho'Gall says: I see you are growing in numbers, my brethren. Tell me of your progress in implementing our master's plan.
Overseer Golbaz says: Work on the devices is proceeding as you have directed. We will soon be ready to carry out the next phase of your orders.
Image of Cho'Gall says: Then all is in order. The master has given us a mission of the utmost importance and he will not suffer failure.
Image of Cho'Gall says: You are the instrument the master will use to bring an end to this world and reforge it in his image.
Image of Cho'Gall says: When they are completed, you will hide these devices all over Orgrimmar.
Image of Cho'Gall says: At the appointed time, they will unleash wind and water elementals, engulfing the city in a tempest and setting the stage for our master's glorious return!
Image of Cho'Gall says: And then, my brothers and sisters, we shall shed these frail forms and ascend to immortality!
Overseer Golbaz says: It will be as you say, my lord.

If you use a heirloom chest put it back before turning in the quest to benefit from the experience bonus. Jintak won't give you quests but will accept the finished ones without the robe.


Optional breadcrumbs: H [80] The Elements Cry Out, H [80] The Situation So Far

  1. H [80] Prophecies Of Doom
  2. H [80] Signs Of The Times
  3. H [80] Infiltrating the Cult
  4. H [80] Spreading The Word
  5. H [80] The Master's Plan
  6. H [80] The Doomsday Plan
  7. H [80] Thwarting Twilight's Hammer
  8. H [80] Alert Our Leaders

Patches and hotfixes

  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2010-11-01): Activated.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Added.

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