NeutralThe Master Awaits
Start General Kaal [60.4, 60.9]
End Lord Chamberlain [56.8, 51.5]
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Revendreth
Experience 970
Rewards 2g 52s 70c
Previous N [58] A Plea to the Harvesters
Next N [58] The Authority of Revendreth


Meet Sire Denathrius.


Maw Walker, I am General Kaal. Those stoneborn who remember their oaths to the Master are under my command.

The path between here and Sire Denathrius is no longer secured by my forces. I am pulling my troops from this ward to support the Master's will elsewhere.

Sire Denathrius has dispatched me to bring you directly to him. Myskia can carry you.


You will receive:

  • 2g 52s 70c
  • 970 XP


Mind your manners when speaking to Sire Denathrius. He is a being older than your world.


Wait! Please, Maw Walker, allow me to announce you to the Master.


Hop on Myskia to get a lift over the gap to the Grand Palisade. On the other side, General Grashaal and General Kaal have a conversation:

General Grashaal says: Kaal, stop holding back. Let my forces crush Draven and his traitors.
General Kaal says: Draven is not our threat. Their prince has fallen and their rebellion is in shambles. Only the Accuser remains to issue orders.
General Grashaal says: The Accuser? She still holds a Harvester's medallion. How are we going to defeat her?
General Kaal says: Now you know why we need this Maw Walker alive.

On complete, a cutscene plays:

Sire Denathrius says: My children, I know the suffering you have endured.
Sire Denathrius says: I fear further sacrifices must be made if Revendreth is to survive this crisis.
Lord Chamberlain says: Begging my Master's pardon.
Lord Chamberlain says: I humbly present... the Maw Walker.
Sire Denathrius says: Ah! The mortal who escaped the inescapable prison. A living soul restoring hope to the realms eternal.
Sire Denathrius says: Maw Walker, I am aware of your urgent request for anima. Under normal circumstances, I would of course oblige.
Sire Denathrius says: Sadly, you arrive in the midst of a violent rebellion. Our resources are stretched perilously thin.
Sire Denathrius says: This drought has left my people desperate...
Sire Denathrius says: ...starving...
Sire Denathrius says: ...and some, even defiant.
Sire Denathrius says: But if you were to aid our cause, then I could gratefully provide the aid you seek.


  1. N [58] The Stoneborn
  2. N [58] A Plea to the Harvesters
  3. N [58] The Master Awaits
  4. N [58] The Authority of Revendreth

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