NeutralThe Master of Lies
Start Projection of Prince Renathal [32.1, 41.4]
End Prince Renathal [50.3, 28.3]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Revendreth
Experience 11,650
Rewards  [Robe of Pained Absolution]
or  [Cowl of Pained Absolution]
or  [Nightcloaked Chestpiece]
or  [Nightcloaked Helm]
or  [Soul Hunter's Vest]
or  [Soul Hunter's Headgear]
or  [Stoneforged Hauberk]
or  [Stoneforged Cover]
77g 22s
Previous N [60] Blinded By The Light
Next N [60] The End of the Beginning

Sire Denathrius
The Master of Revendreth.

The Master of Lies is the climax of the Revendreth storyline.


Defeat Sire Denathrius.


Once more unto the fangs of death himself, sword drawn, peace with oblivion made. Let us meet death together and bring him low.

Be sure you are prepared for a sustained assault. For once we reveal ourselves, there will be no stopping.

When you are ready, direct the Focal Mirror at the gates of Castle Nathria. Let us descend upon our burning enemies with ferocity and swiftness of action.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv robe cloth oribosquesting b 01.png [Robe of Pained Absolution] Inv helm cloth oribosquesting b 01.png [Cowl of Pained Absolution]
Inv chest oribosquesting b 01.png [Nightcloaked Chestpiece] Inv helm leather oribosquesting b 01.png [Nightcloaked Helm]
Inv mail oribosquesting b 01 chest.png [Soul Hunter's Vest] Inv mail oribosquesting b 01 helm.png [Soul Hunter's Headgear]
Inv chest plate oribosquesting b 01.png [Stoneforged Hauberk] Inv helm plate oribosquesting b 01.png [Stoneforged Cover]

You will also receive:

  • 77g 22s
  • 11,650 XP


I do this, not because I wish to face oblivion or worse, but because I do not wish for reality itself to face its end.


What has he done?


Speak with the projection again:

When you are ready, we shall attack. The dredgers here will operate the mirror to deter reinforcements from Castle Nathria while you, myself, and our few remaining allies do a push assault Denathrius directly.
It is down to a Maw Walker, three Harvesters, the former general of the Stone Legion, and what few venthyr stand by our side as we take the fight to the being who created all you see before you.
Let me know when you are ready to face death.
Gossip Begin the assault. (Queue for Scenario.)

A cutscene plays:

You direct a large mirror to face toward the Castle Nathria entrance, scorching all venthyr along the light's path as you do so. The camera then returns to you walking along to join the rest of the Sinfall gang as they march on the Court of Harvesters.

Stage 1: Rally with the Rebels

Meet Prince Renathal in the Court of the Harvesters.
Prince Renathal says: Maw Walker! Come, gather up as much of this anima as you can. This type of binding is temporary but should strengthen you for the battle to come.

The prince spawns a handful of anima pools on the ground. Run through them to get up to 30%.

In case you wander away:

Prince Renathal says: This way, Maw Walker.

Stage 2: Awaken the Army

Awaken stoneborn who are loyal to Prince Renathal.
  • Awaken Darkwing Stoneborn (6)
Prince Renathal says: We are going to use the anima Denathrius stole against him.

Keep interacting with Anima Containers and killing Honored Duelists and Royal Arcanists while moving east. At the steps:

Prince Renathal says: When I led my assault against the castle, the Master turned my entire army to stone with a simple wave of his hand.
Prince Renathal says: We will need these soldiers. Denathrius is not the only threat we will need to face. Find enough anima to awaken as many of the stoneborn as you can.

Interact with Darkwing Rebels to awaken them. Each one costs 8% anima. They will follow along as guardians.

Stage 3: Rally at Dominance Gate

Meet Prince Renathal and your allies at Dominance Gate.

No need to stop at five guardians. Keep awakening more on the way to the gate to make future stages easier.

Stage 4: The Stone Legion Gauntlet

Reach the far side of Dominance Gate.

The prince and the rest of the party meet with the player. Head down the steps and they run forward.

Prince Renathal says: This was once the muster field for the Stone Legion. Watch the skies, for they are watching us.

Stone Legion Nightblades drop down.

Stage 5: General of the Stone Legion

Defeat General Kaal
General Kaal says: Draven! Do not make me destroy you.
General Draven says: Kaal, if you ever cared for me then trust me now and stand down.
General Grashaal says: You selfish pup! We do not stand down. We do as we are ordered!
General Draven says: Grashaal, they woke you to take my place?
General Draven yells: If you want me, come and get me.

Stage 6: To Dam the Damned

Disable Anima Diverters
Prince Renathal says: Quickly, Maw Walker, while Draven keeps them distracted. We must gather as much anima as we can if we are to face Denathrius.

Just to the northwest after killing Dread Siphonists:

The Curator yells: Here, Maw Walker, let me extract as much anima from this font as I can. You will need it.
Remornia says: Ooooo, look who's coming! Can I butcher the Maw Walker? Please?
Sire Denathrius says: Restrain yourself, Remornia. This is Revendreth. We do not butcher, we... educate.

Counterclockwise to the southeast:

The Accuser yells: Let us put this anima to better use. Maw Walker, be ready.
Remornia says: Master! I want to teach these usurpers a lesson. A very sharp, pointy lesson!
Sire Denathrius says: They are of little consequence. They will see the futility of their rebellion soon enough.

Further counterclockwise to the south:

Prince Renathal yells: We are out of time. Gather what anima you can and then we move on Denathrius.
Remornia says: The Prince is here... along with his harvester traitors!
Sire Denathrius says: My poor, poor Renathal. I had so hoped he would be standing at my side to share in this glorious moment.
Remornia says: He is unworthy! I will present his head to you as a trophy!

Stage 7: Clear the Menagerie

Crush Denathrius' remaining forces in the Menagerie of the Master.

Get to the center of the area and take out Myskia.

Final Stage: The Master

Join Renathal and the Harvesters for the final assault.
  • Speak with Prince Renathal.
  • Sire Denathrius confronted [50.4, 30.3]

Get to the center of the area and speak with Renathal:

Can you feel it? The shift in order? Something is happening. We must move swiftly!
Three Harvesters and a Maw Walker infused by the raw power of anima from the many realms of the Shadowlands against one lord of death, whose dominion we stand upon the precipice of.
Let us face this dread together!
Gossip Ready to face the Master.

A cinematic plays, "Remember This Lesson":

Renathal and the two remaining members of his rebellion make a charge on Denathrius. The two followers get picked off one after the other as Stoneborn swoop in from above. Another Stoneborn comes for Renathal, but he slices his sword Vorpalia into the gargoyle and cuts through it's midsection. Noting the anima attached to his sword, he takes up a stance and yells.
Prince Renathal: Denathrius!
Deigning to notice Renathal as he runs across the bridge to him, Denathrius tuns from looking at the Maw, stares at Renathal for a moment, then turns his eyes upward. Remornia acts like a one-sword Gate of Babylon, launching attack after attack on Renathal. As Denathrius smirks, Renathal prepares to launch a final blow, but runs out of stamina and falls to his knees before him.
Sire Denathrius: This was your valiant last stand?
Remonia sheathes herself on Denathrius's back as Renathal gasps, then suddenly Denathrius chokes Renathal, lifting him off the ground by his neck.
Sire Denathrius: For so very long, you've punished arrogant souls. But instead of learning from their suffering, you've become one of them.
Denathrius enunciates every word.
Sire Denathrius: You just needed to obey.
Sire Denathrius: How fortunate you are to witness the splendor of what is about to unfold.
The various anima containers in the area activate.
Sire Denathrius: Every precious drop of anima, so painstakingly wrung from the tortured souls of lesser beings, now paves the path for the Banished One to reclaim what was his.
Still walking with Renathal's neck in the palm of his hand, scenes of various stoneborn getting siphoned of their anima and returning to their stone state play out.
Sire Denathrius: And once his liberation is secured, it shall be by his will that all is washed away.
Sire Denathrius: The only power that will emerge from this torrent of change is Death.
Sire Denathrius: Death, and those who shaped its victory.
Prince Renathal: Someone will stop you, Denathrius! Even if I-- (CHOKES)
Denathrius squeezes harder on Renathal's neck, choking off his rebuttal.
Sire Denathrius: Shh. Do not speak. Observe.
As Denathrius finishes his command, the anima containers slam closed, and the collected anima starts pouring into the Maw, changing the dominant color from yellow to red, destroying the outskirts of Castle Nathria in the process. Renathal inhaling weakly, Denathrius unceremoniously drops him on the ground, gives his final order, and teleports away.
Sire Denathrius: Remember this lesson.


On the other side of the cutscene, Renathal, the Accuser, the Curator, and General Draven are looking off the north end of Castle Nathria at an enormous torrent of anima getting funneled into the Maw. You awake being Drained.

This concludes the Revendreth storyline, awarding the achievement  [The Master of Revendreth].

Renathal continues the Shadowlands campaign with N [60] The End of the Beginning.


  1. N [60] Blinded By The Light
  2. N [60] The Master of Lies

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Once more into the fangs of death himself, sword drawn, peace with oblivion made. Let us meet death together and bring him low.

Make sure you are prepared for a sustained battle, for once we reveal ourselves we will not have time to stop.

When you are ready, direct the Focal Mirror at the gates of Castle Nathria and let us descend upon our burning enemies with ferocity and swiftness of action.

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