For the bear form attack, see [Maul]. For the weapon, see  [Maul].

The Maul in World of Warcraft: The Comic.

The Maul is a large pit located outside the three instance wings of Dire Maul in the middle of the Broken Commons. Formerly, like Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale, entering the Maul flagged players for PvA and allowed them to attack and kill other players in the Maul, regardless of faction. When a party was in the Maul, however, you could not attack members of your party.

Players can enter the Maul either by simply dropping into it or by entering a doorway on the west side of the commons that takes them into a tunnel leading past packs of sleeping Gordok hyenas and finally to the fighting area. The tunnel is the only exit from the Maul. It may be most prudent to enter through the tunnel, since dropping down causes the player to take damage from falling and their opponent may attack them before they have recovered their health.

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