AllianceThe Measure of a Leader
Start Wrathion [54.4, 72.6]
End Wrathion [54.4, 72.6]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Legendary
Experience 118,000
Reputation +75 The Black Prince
Rewards 9g 92s 50c
Previous N [90] Incoming... (optional)
A [15-35] Lion's Landing (required)
Next A [90] The Prince's Pursuit
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [90] The Measure of a Leader.

The Measure of a Leader begins the Patch 5.1 portion of Wrathion's legendary quest chain. Before he will offer this quest, players must have completed N [90] Breath of the Black Prince (and all of its prerequisites), and set up Lion's Landing off the southeastern beach of Krasarang Wilds by completing A [15-35] Lion's Landing.

Completing this stage of the legendary quest will require the champion to reach revered standing with The Black Prince by killing Horde units and players in Krasarang Wilds, to kill Warlord Bloodhilt, a raid boss at Domination Point, and to win matches in the new battlegrounds Silvershard Mines and the Temple of Kotmogu. Once all of those tests are complete, Wrathion will award his champion the  [Eye of the Black Prince], which adds a prismatic socket to any of the nine Sha-Touched weapons.

For now, share a snack with Wrathion.


Speak with Wrathion at the Tavern in the Mists.

  • Speak to Wrathion


We've progressed to a new part of the Pandaren campaign. The Alliance has landed on the shores with the full might of its navy. Your King aims to check Horde aggression in this new land.

Garrosh Hellscream is propelling the Horde headfirst into battle, but King Varian Wrynn is a little more of a mystery to me. Do you have a moment? I'd like to talk to you about this leader of yours.


You will receive: 9g 92s 50c


I love a good chat.


I am curious to see how King Wrynn rises to the occasion.

I am even more curious to see what YOU are capable of. Let's find out...


Wrathion offers this quest upon completion of A [15-35] Lion's Landing - the phase-changing quest of the Pandaren Campaign that spawns Lion's Landing, Domination Point, and all of the associated areas in Krasarang Wilds. N [90] Incoming... is not required to be completed.

Speak with Wrathion:

Gossip Let's talk!
Wrathion stands up.
Wrathion says: Tong! Something to eat, please.
Wrathion summons an image of Varian Wrynn and walks towards it.
Wrathion says: The High King. Varian Wrynn - Leader of the Alliance.
Wrathion says: Did you know, he was once a gladiator? Oh yes, I've been doing my research.
The image of Varian changes. He assumes an unarmed combat stance and is now wearing a leather gladiator outfit instead of his usual heavy armor.
Wrathion says: Suffering from amnesia, he fought for his life in Horde arenas.
Wrathion walks in a circle around Varian, who makes some punches into the air.
Wrathion says: There, he earned the name "Lo'Gosh," or "Ghost Wolf."
Wrathion says: He IS a fighter. But... is he a leader?
Varian changes back into his usual King of Stormwind self.
Wrathion says: Think about it! His enemies took advantage of my father's Cataclysm.
Fire blazes all around Varian.
Wrathion says: Horde soldiers thundered across the realm in the wake of the devastation.
Wrathion says: Varian Wrynn didn't use the disaster to gain a military advantage.
Two Stormwind banners spawn at Varian's sides. Wrathion walks from Varian's right to his left.
Wrathion says: Is this because he is weak...? Or because he is principled?
Varian again assumes a battle stance, this time wielding a Stormwind flag.
Wrathion says: Here's the bigger question: Can principles win a war?
Wrathion says: Make no mistake. Pandaria will challenge your King.
Wrathion says: Let us see what he is truly made of.
Wrathion says: Let us see if your Alliance has what it takes to rule Azeroth.

Speak with Wrathion again to complete the quest.


Patch 5.0 - Mists of Pandaria

  1. Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Stranger in a Strange Land
  2. N [90] A Legend in the Making
  3. N [90] The Strength of One's Foes & N [90] Trial of the Black Prince
  4. N [90] Fear Itself
  5. N [90] Breath of the Black Prince

Patch 5.1 - Landfall

  1. Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Incoming... (A [15-35] Lion's Landing / H [15-35] Domination Point required to continue)
  2. B [90] The Measure of a Leader
  3. B [90] The Prince's Pursuit & B [90] A Test of Valor
  4. Complete all of:
  5. A [90] Call of the Packmaster / H [90] The Soul of the Horde

Patch 5.2 - The Thunder King

  1. Optional breadcrumbs: N [90] The Thunder King / N [90] Meet Me Upstairs
  2. N [90] Secrets of the First Empire & N [90] I Need a Champion
  3. N [90] The Thunder Forge (B [35] To the Skies! required to continue)
  4. N [90] Spirit of the Storm Lord (B [35] The Fall of Shan Bu required to continue)
  5. N [90] The Crown of Heaven
  6. N [90] Echoes of the Titans
  7. N [90] Heart of the Thunder King

Patch 5.3 - Escalation

  1. N [90] Celestial Blessings
  2. N [90] Cloak of Virtue
  3. N [90] Preparing to Strike / N [90] Meet Me Back at the Inn

Patch 5.4 - Siege of Orgrimmar

  1. N [90] A Timeless Discovery
  2. N [90] Secrets of the Timeless Isle & N [90] The Emperor's Way
  3. N [90] A Pandaren Legend
  4. N [90] Judgment of the Black Prince

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