The Might of the Val'kyr

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NeutralThe Might of the Val'kyr
Start Matilda Skoptidottir
End Matilda Skoptidottir
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Halls of Valor
Experience 1,650
Rewards 1g 83s 50c


Rise the power of the Val'kyr, then unleash it to complete a World Quest.

  • Begin the Call of the Val'kyr
  • Collect the  [Horn of War]
  • Use the "Call the Val'kyr" on your Map


In times of great need, the Val'kyr can rally its mightiest forces into one pure, destructive form. This is such a time.

On request, these we will channel our power into a Horn, which we will impart to you. Use it to unleash that power, completing a quest of great value.


You will receive: 1g 83s 50c


Rise the power of the Val'kyr, then unleash it to complete a World Quest.


Well done, though that certainly takes all of our efforts.



You must have researched the warrior class hall trait Val'kyr Call.

Speak to Matilda Skoptidottir again to place a work order for 100 Order Resources.

Matilda Skoptidottir yells: Val'kyr! The Call has gone out! Prepare yourselves!
Three Val'kyrs of Odyn arrive.
Val'kyr of Odyn says: My spear is yours.
Val'kyr of Odyn says: My life for Odyn!
Val'kyr of Odyn says: They shall fear our wrath.

You will then need to wait 10 minutes for the work order to complete. Once it's done, loot the nearby object.

Matilda Skoptidottir yells: Val'kyr, the time is upon us! To battle!
Val'kyr of Odyn says: For Glory!
The Val'kyr of Odyn fly off.

Bring up the world map for either the Broken Isles or Argus and select a zone. Inv valkiergoldpet.png Call the Val'kyr should appear in a corner of the zone map. Click the button and choose any non-elite world quest to complete. If nothing is happening, it's because of interference from one or more AddOns and you should disable them.

Remember that this can only be done once every 18 hours, so choose carefully. (It is especially recommended that you don't use it on the world quest Withered Army Training due to it being required for certain recipe drops and hidden artifact appearances.)


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