HordeThe Might of the Warchief
Start Garrosh Hellscream
Kor'kron Bodyguard
End Garrosh Hellscream
Kor'kron Bodyguard
Level 15-35
Category Pandaren Campaign
Experience 236000
Reputation +300 Dominance Offensive
+250 Horde
Rewards 19g 85s 50c
Previous H [15-35] Meet the Scout
Next H [15-35] Domination Point


Accompany Garrosh Hellscream to find Blood Guard Gro'tash, Grizzle Gearslip, and slay 25 Alliance.


Come, <class>! I want to inspect this island and ensure that my landing team has done their job.

Blood Guard Gro'tash should be somewhere on the northern side of the island looking for a suitable place to build our keep. The goblin survey team will have gone up the eastern coast in search of oil.

Let us crush this pitiful display and claim this land for the Horde!


You will receive: 19g 85s 50c


Gorehowl thirsts for Alliance blood.


Well done. Our presence here will not be denied!



On accept, Garrosh joins the party. A boss-level NPC with 590 million health, he flies the Banner of Garrosh Hellscream, increasing health, healing and absorption effects, and damage dealt by 25%. Slaying members of the Alliance will trigger Garrosh Hellscream to release a warcry, restoring 20% of total health and mana.

When reaching to Blood Guard Gro'tash, when you kill Alliance ambush Garrosh comments on the fight and moves on:

Garrosh Hellscream says: A pitiful skirmish! The Alliance fights without conviction.
Garrosh Hellscream says: Hold this ground, Blood Guard. Here is where we will build our keep. Expect peons within the hour, and be ready to motivate them.

When you reach Grizzle Gearslip, he commands him to do as follows:

Grizzle Gearslip says: I never thought the Warchief himself would come to bail me out!
Garrosh Hellscream says: I didn't come to save your sorry hide, goblin. Did you find fuel or not?
Grizzle Gearslip says: Y-yes sir! We struck it big. There's crude all along the coast. We'll get an operation going right away, your hugeness!
Garrosh Hellscream says: I know you will. I'm sending in grunts to make sure of it.


  1. Neutral:
    1. H [15-35] Meet the Scout
    2. H [15-35] The Might of the Warchief
    3. H [15-35] Domination Point
    4. H [15-35] Dagger in the Dark
  2. Friendly 950/6,000:
    1. H [15-35] Rise Of An Empire
    2. H [15-35] Buried Secrets
    3. H [15-35] Voice of the Gods
  3. Friendly 4,900/6,000:
    1. H [15-35] Someone You Should See
    2. H [15-35] Regeneration Takes Time
    3. H [15-35] Find Thrall!
    4. H [15-35] The Horde Is Family
    5. H [15-35] De-Subjugation
  4. Honored 2,850/12,000:
    1. H [15-35] To Mogujia
    2. H [15-35] Bloodlines, H [15-35] Ancient Guardians, H [15-35] The Korune
  5. Honored 6,800/12,000:
    1. H [15-35] To the Valley!
    2. H [15-35] Legacy of the Korune, H [15-35] Clearing a Path
    3. H [15-35] Trapping the Leader
  6. Honored 10,750/12,000:
    1. H [15-35] Echoes of Thunder
    2. H [15-35] A Gathering Storm
  7. Revered 2,700/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] Get My Results!
    2. H [15-35] What's in the Box?
  8. Revered 6,650/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] The Kun-Lai Expedition
    2. H [15-35] Ties with the Past
    3. H [15-35] Memory Wine
  9. Revered 10,650/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] The Ruins of Korune
    2. H [15-35] The Divine Bell
  10. Revered 14,500/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] Insertion
    2. H [15-35] The Darnassus Mission
    3. H [15-35] Victorious Return
  11. Revered 18,350/21,000:
    1. H [15-35] The Situation In Dalaran
    2. H [15-35] It Starts in the Sewers
    3. H [15-35] Violence in the Arena
    4. H [15-35] Hand of the Silver Covenant
    5. H [15-35] A Tactical Assault
    6. H [15-35] The Silver Covenant's Stronghold, H [15-35] The Kirin Tor's True Colors, H [15-35] Krasus' Landing
    7. H [15-35] The Remaining Sunreavers
    8. H [15-35] One Last Grasp
    9. H [15-35] A Return to Krasarang
  12. Exalted:
    1. H [15-35] The Bell Speaks
    2. H [15-35] Breath of Darkest Shadow

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