The Mind's Eye (Horde)

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HordeThe Mind's Eye
Start Kin'weelay
End Kin'weelay
Level 28 (Requires 24)
Category Northern Stranglethorn
Experience 2,300
Reputation Darkspear Trolls +250
Previous H [27] Chasing Yenniku's Fate
Next H [29] Saving Yenniku

In The Mind's Eye, you must enter the Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound and defeat Mai'Zoth to obtain the gem known as the  [Mind's Eye]. Once this is complete, you can finally attempt to save Yenniku, the Darkspear chief's son. This quest is part of a long chain, all available in Grom'gol, the first being H [26] Hunt for Yenniku which can be obtained from Nimboya at the north exit to the camp.


Obtain the Mind's Eye from Mai'Zoth.

You will need:


The Mind's Eye is held by an ogre mage, in the Mosh'Ogg ogre mound just to the south. His name is Mai'Zoth. I know him from when the Darkspears dwelt in Stranglethorn - he is vicious, and his magic is strong.

And if he has the Mind's Eye, then his magic will be stronger still.

You must face Mai'Zoth and wrest from him the Mind's Eye. It is a perilous task, but it is the only hope we have of saving Yenniku.


You will be rewarded with the following:


Greetings, <name>. The spirits sing praise of your bravery, yet they tell me no tales of your quest against Mai'Zoth.

Do you have the Eye?


You retrieved the eye! Your might is the stuff of legends, <name>!

And in getting the Eye, you must have defeated Mai'Zoth and sent him to the Nether. That is why the spirits would not mention him before.

It is good that he is gone from the world of flesh and bone, but now that he is in the realm of spirits...I fear he will begin a new reign.

But that is a worry for another time. Now, I must perform a ritual to bend the Mind's Eye to our needs...


Mai'Zoth is at the very bottom of the ogre mound, and has two body guards. Mosh'Ogg is in north-eastern Stranglethorn Vale. If you can sap/sheep/whatever the two bodyguards, Mai'Zoth isn't too difficult to take out.


  1. H [27] Population Con-Troll
  2. H [26] Bloodscalp Insight
  3. H [26] An Unusual Patron


  1. H [26] Hunt for Yenniku
  2. H [26] Headhunting
  3. H [27] Nezzliok Will Know
  4. H [27] Speaking with Nezzliok
  5. H [27] Chasing Yenniku's Fate
  6. H [28] The Mind's Eye
  7. H [29] Saving Yenniku

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