The Missing Admiral (beta)

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For the live version, see A [86] The Missing Admiral.
AllianceThe Missing Admiral

Taylor and Karasshi at the Slingtail Pits
Start Grayson Early
End Admiral Taylor
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 55,000
Rewards 4g 90s
Previous A [86] Grove Stalkers, A [86] Steaking a Claim, A [86] Saving Snowpuff, A [86] The Hardest Task
Next A [86] The Path of War, A [86] Freeing Our Brothers, A [86] Ancient Power


Find Admiral Taylor.


Your Commander has filled me in on your mission. Who you really need to talk to is Admiral Taylor.

He was leading the search for Anduin, but he was unfortunately captured during the last hozen attack.

The hozen are known to take prisoners, so there's a good chance he is still alive.

If you can find Taylor, you may find your White Pawn.


You will receive:

  • 4g 90s
  • 55,000 XP


<You found him, but the Admiral is unconscious. He looks on the verge of death.>


Pick up A [86] The Mission Continues before heading out. Follow the path up to the northeast, then immediately take a right once reaching the ridge and head down to the beach to get to Sapphire's End. Turn in The Mission Continues and pick up the offered quests. Complete that series of quests, culminating with A [86] Without a Trace to shed more light on the Anduin situation before blowing up a ship! Once the evidence has been cleared, head back up to the path and keep going inland, to the northeast. At the big fork in the road, head left, then exit the path off to the right at the Slingtail Pits. Admiral Taylor can be found in a hozen cage near the middle of town.

On complete:

Bold Karasshi says: Your friend put up quite the fight. He nearly escaped, but now he is a prisoner, just like the rest of us.

Speak with Bold Karasshi to continue.


  1. A [85] The Missing Admiral & A [86] The Mission Continues
  2. A [85] The White Pawn & A [85] Sunken Junk & A [85] Thinning the Herd
  3. A [85] Explosive Evidence
  4. A [86] Without a Trace

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