NeutralThe Mnemonic Locus
Start Mikanikos [57.2, 61.7]
End Mikanikos [57.5, 61.8]
Level 50-52
Category Bastion
Experience 3,400
Rewards  [Reverberating Silver Band]
11g 93s 40c
Previous N [50-52] Directions Not Included, N [50-52] The Prime's Directive
Next N [50-52] What's In a Memory?


Use the Anima Conduits to restore the Mnemonic Locus.


<Mikanikos examines the scroll you retrieved for him.>

Right, right.

Soul mirrors and Locus are tied together. If we restore anima to mirrors, it should repair the Locus back to full functionality. Thankfully, the cores you brought should be sufficient.

All I need to do is enable conduits. Simple!

Well? Go on. You know how to use these, yes?


You will receive:

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv glove oribosquesting b 01.png [Courageous Aspirant's Mitts] Inv glove plate oribosquesting b 01.png [Judicious Aspirant's Gloves]
Inv glove cloth oribosquesting b 01.png [Pure Aspirant's Handwraps] Inv mail oribosquesting b 01 glove.png [Humble Aspirant's Handguards]


I wait to hear the hum of anima, yes.


I love the hum of anima. It has been a long time since I have heard it in such abundance.


The seven Anima Conduits in the area light up. Upon accept

Mikanikos says: The conduits are active. Supply them with the anima I gave you.

Stand in the circle and use the extra button:

  • Empower Extractor - Use the anima collected from the Forsworn to empower the Mnemonic Locus.
Kleia says: Mikanikos, can the Locus extract memories from this as well?
Mikanikos says: And that is...?
Kleia says: A fragment of essence from one of the Forsworn. It may hold the secret of their origin.
Mikanikos and Kleia move to the fourth, and she places the Fragment of Lysonia upon it.
Mikanikos says: Intriguing...
Mikanikos says: Ah! The Locus is functional once more.


  1. N [50-52] Chasing a Memory
  2. N [50-52] Directions Not Included, N [50-52] The Prime's Directive
  3. N [50-52] The Mnemonic Locus
  4. N [50-52] What's In a Memory?
  5. N [50-52] Lysonia's Truth
  6. N [50-52] I MADE You!
  7. N [50-52] Mnemis, At Your Service
  8. N [50-52] The Vault of the Archon
  9. N [50-52] A Paragon's Reflection
  10. N [50-52] Leave it to Mnemis

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

I await the hum of the Locus, stranger.

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