The Mosh'Ogg Bounty (Alliance)

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AllianceThe Mosh'Ogg Bounty
Start Wulfred Harrys
End Wulfred Harrys
Level 28 (Requires 26)
Category Northern Stranglethorn
Experience 2,300
Reputation +250 Gilneas
Rewards 25s


Obtain the Mosh'Ogg Bounty from the ruins behind the Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound.


There's been some activity up north, at the rebel camp. I just heard from a soldier named Nimetz that a <race> <class> up there found the key to what's been driving them so crazy. That wasn't you, was it?

Anyhow, he sent a sample to me, and it looks just like the rocks I've been seeing over at the Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound, to the northeast.

I've heard that the ogres are guarding a chest up in some ruins behind their mound. I suspect it may be related. Care to fetch it for me?


Why is it that the OGRES always find the priceless artifacts?


<Wulfred peers into the box.>

This... this is not like what I expected. I had thought it would be a... a...

<His eyes glaze over.>

Ahem! I'm sorry. I'm not sure what came over me. I'll be sending this south, to the Explorers' League Digsite in the Cape. Maybe they'll know what to do with it...


You will receive: 25s

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