NeutralThe Mosswalker Savior
Start Moodle
End Moodle
Level 20-30
Category Sholazar Basin
Experience 21400
Reputation The Oracles +250
Rewards 6g 50s
Previous N [20-30] The Angry Gorloc
Next N [20-30] A Hero's Burden


Moodle wants you to rescue 6 of the Mosswalker Victims in Mosswalker Village, though some of them may no longer be alive to save.

If you lose  [Moodle's Stress Ball], speak to High-Oracle Soo-say in Rainspeaker Canopy.

  • Mosswalker Victims Rescued (6)


There's some small chance that the Mosswalkers are not all dead yet... and at the very least, they deserve to not be butchered like this.

Let's find some revenge for this slaughter and see if there are any to be saved in the process.


You will receive: 6g 50s


I wish I had known how key the pillars and the stones were much earlier... perhaps I could have prevented this.


I'm very glad there were some to be saved... with luck, they'll make it back to Rainspeaker Canopy safely.


  1. N [20-30] The Part-time Hunter (optional)
  2. N [20-30] Playing Along
  3. Complete both to continue:
  4. Complete both to continue:
  5. N [20-30] Flown the Coop!
  6. Complete both to continue:
  7. N [20-30] A Rough Ride
  8. Complete both to continue:
  9. N [20-30] Hoofing It
  10. N [20-30] Just Following Orders
  11. N [20-30] Fortunate Misunderstandings
  12. Complete both to continue:
  13. N [20-30] Making Peace
  14. N [20-30] Back So Soon?
  15. Complete both to continue:
  16. N [20-30] Home Time!
  17. N [20-30] The Angry Gorloc
  18. Complete both to continue:
  19. N [20-30] A Hero's Burden
  20. Choose then ONE of these quests to become aligned with any of the factions:

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