NeutralThe Mysterious Seed
Start  [Dried Acorn]
End Avrilla [50.7, 87.3]
Level 35
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 69400
Reputation +75 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards 9g 40s
Next N [35] Planting Season

This short quest chain introduces you to the Fire Lasher referred to in the achievement  [The Molten Front Offensive], and opens up another daily quest in the Molten Front.


Take the acorn to Avrilla at Malfurion's Breach in the Firelands.

Provided item:  [Dried Acorn]


A small, dried acorn has fallen out of the Flame Druid's robe.

Why would a Druid of the Flame be carrying it around?

Perhaps someone at Malfurion's Breach would like to see it.


You will receive: 9g 40s (or 16g 54s at max level)


Fascinating! It appears to be an acorn!


You will receive:


You need to have completed N [35] The Shadow Wardens to be able to obtain this quest.

Kill a Druid of the Flame anywhere on the Molten Front, and it will drop a Dried Acorn on the ground. Interact with that acorn to pick up this quest.

Druids of the Flame (so named) can be found at the Widow's Clutch and other locations.


  1. N [35] The Mysterious Seed
  2. N [35] Planting Season
  3. N [35] Little Lasher
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