NeutralThe Nathrezim
Start The Stonewright [25.2, 45.1]
End Prince Renathal [23.1, 45.9]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Chains of Domination
Experience 10,200
Reputation +150 Court of Harvesters
Rewards 2x  [Timeworn Sinstone]
51g 48s
Previous N [60] The Power of a Crown
Next N [60] The Meaning of Wrath, N [60] Medallion of Wrath (Venthyr only)

The Nathrezim concludes the sixth chapter of the Chains of Domination campaign, "The Unseen Guests", though there is a breadcrumb back to Korthia next. Venthyr Covenant players have some covenant-specific follow-ups, starting with N [60] Medallion of Wrath. The seventh chapter of nine starts at Renown 52 with N [60] A Cry From the Heart.


Rather non-dredger-like weapons...

Recover the  [Medallion of Wrath] from the nathrezim.


The Medallion of Wrath is more than just a powerful artifact. In the hands of a nathrezim it could be used to shape this realm to their dark purpose. What is more, while they hold it we are denied the ability to forge a new sigil.

They already nearly destroyed the Ember Ward with their reckless schemes. I will not have my medallion used for their ends.

Come, let us get it back.


You will receive:


It is not a good day.


This is worse than anything I could have anticipated.


On accept, Kael'thas teleports himself and Vashj away, Navrataal flies off, and the Stonewright runs ahead further into Dawnkeep. Follow her. She stops short of the platform, where some Suspicious Dredgers are wielding very non-dredger-like weapons:

The Stonewright says: Reveal yourself, Mal'Ganis!
The central suspicious dredger at the top of the steps reveals himself as Mal'Ganis!
Mal'Ganis says: The Harvester of Wrath. How I have missed your purity of conviction.
Mal'Ganis says: A pity it will now be lost forever. Nathrezim! Bring me her fangs.
The remaining dredgers transform into Lady Kivretan, Terravangelous, Diathorus the Seeker, and Gorgannon.

Start attacking Gorgannon and Diathorus the Seeker. While in combat, numerous Stone Legion Servitors will join as guardians. Once they're dead, Mal'Ganis jumps into the fray. Get him to 70% and the following occurs:

Kael'thas and the Curator teleport in and stun Mal'Ganis with beams of anima alongside the Stonewright. Renathal floats in, wearing the Crown of the Harvesters, and joins in with his own beam.
Prince Renathal says: Mal'Ganis, we need not be enemies. Join us to save Revendreth and end your exile.
Draven, Navrataal, and several lesser stoneborn land around Mal'Ganis.
Mal'Ganis says: We were never in exile, you gullible fool. It was all part of the Master's plan!

A cutscene plays thereafter:

The camera sweeps up to the isolated Dawnkeep tower, where Remornia is kept with Sire Denathrius' essence inside it.
Mal'Ganis says: While you remained fixated on a paltry medallion, we seized the prize: Remornia, with the Sire's essence held within it.
A nathrezim lands in front of one of the three dredger guards. The other two dredgers reveal themselves to be nathrezim as well and begin channeling dark magic around Z'rali.
Mal'Ganis says: Our mission never changed. For eons we have done the Master's bidding in secret across countless realities.
Kin'tessa glides in, grabs Remornia, and then runs back the way she came.
Mal'Ganis says: The Legion, the Scourge, Argus... all pawns in a game beyond your grasp. One that now nears its end.
Z'rali begins gathering holy energy and unleashes it in a large blast around the tower, but all three nathrezim manage to fly away to safety, scattering in different directions. Kin'tessa glides away to the west with Remornia.

After the encounter

On the other side of the cutscene:

Mal'Ganis says: Keep your trinket and your realm. They are dust in the face of our Sire's true ambition.
Mal'Ganis says: If only you had just obeyed...

Present are Mal'Ganis, Prince Renathal, the Stonewright, the Accuser, the Curator, General Draven, Navrataal, Baroness Vashj, Khaliiq (stealthed), and Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Prince Renathal has some gossip:

I had hoped our brethren had returned to us for the right reasons.
I never could have imagined the depth of their betrayal not only of Revendreth, but of the Shadowlands and all of reality.
  • Gossip You put the crown on?
For a time.
When we combined the power of the medallions into the crown I wove in safeguards to ensure no one person could wear the crown alone by themselves for too long.
And should the other Harvesters will it, medallions or no, they could reclaim their power from the crown with ancient words they are entrusted with.
What we have forged together will only remain strong as long as we continue to work together.
  • Gossip What is next for the Court of Harvesters?
Much to do with little time. We must fortify what we have taken, secure what anima reserves remain of what Denathrius had stolen, and rally support accross all of Revendreth to our cause.
Regardless of our successes here, the Shadowlands can never truly be whole until the Arbiter resumes sending souls to the afterlives.
For now, continue to wage your war against the Jailer. We will levy what resources we can for that effort.
  • Gossip Will there be new Harvesters of Envy and Dread?
Undoubtedly, though it will take time and the right... candidates.
I believe that is the correct word. We have never formally inducted a new Harvester. They were always appointed by Denathrius, the individual often groomed for decades before assuming the role.
We shall begin our search of souls and venthyr who have the adequate skill sets and acumen. Those who share our values and have the power to back it up. There are many I can think of who might suffice.
Take young Kael'thas, for instance. Were he further along in his penance, I might consider him...

As does the Stonewright:

I am taking Mal'Ganis into custody and securing Dominance Keep from outsiders. You would do well to avoid that place for a time.
I will bring my forces to bear on Korthia but it is still vital we extract as much information from Mal'Ganis as we can, and Renathal's methods are... soft... compared to mine.
When I am done with him, Renathal can have Mal'Ganis back for whatever atonement he believes a dreadlord capable of. But not before I am done with him.

As does the Accuser:

Despite my reservations it would appear that Kael'thas and the Baroness did compliment each other well.
Whether it was due to your involvement or their own initiative is irrelevant to the end result that Kael'thas has been able to let go of more of the burdens his soul clings to.
He shows much promise, and power.

As does Mal'Ganis:

The medallions, Revendreth, the Prince and his cause. They are all short sighted.
Sire Denathrius has always held the long vision of this reality.

The Curator still uses the same gossip as she did at the start of the questline.


  1. N [60] Dreadlords!
  2. N [60] Dread Tidings
  3. N [60] The Dawnkeep Prisoner (for characters who have not completed N [60R] Redemption for the Redeemer)
  4. N [60] Convoy of the Covenants
  5. N [60] The Unseen Guests
  6. N [60] Nal'ragas, N [60] Spy vs Spy
  7. N [60] De-Infiltration
  8. N [60] The "Unwelcome" Guests, N [60] Cryptograms
  9. N [60] The Power of a Crown
  10. N [60] The Nathrezim
  11. N [60] The Meaning of Wrath
  12. N [60] Medallion of Wrath (Venthyr only)

PTR version

Placeholder cutscene
Atop the Dawnkeep tower, text scrolls out of the ground in the form of the Star Wars intros.
Thank you for playing, valiant champion.
As Mal'Ganis is defeated, he reveals his plan.
This was all a distraction! While you have been fighting him, the other nathrezim went after the true target: the only master they have ever truly served,
Sire Denathrius.
...Oh, and Mal'Ganis gets away... maybe...
Z'rali says: Well... that sucked.

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