AllianceThe New Frontier

Herald Moonstalker, Darnassus
Courier Hammerfall, Ironforge

Crier Goodman, Stormwind
End Fandral Staghelm
Level 55 (Requires 54)
Experience 825 (4s 80c at max level)
Next A [55] The New Frontier


Speak with Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm at the Cenarion Enclave of Darnassus about the Cenarion Circle's call to explore the frontiers of Kalimdor.


Attention, heroes!

The Cenarion Circle seeks able bodied individuals to assist them in exploring the vast new frontiers of Kalimdor! A forbidden wasteland of unimaginable dangers lies far to the west of Tanaris and Gadgetzan, and the Circle needs willing and honorable proxies to act in their stead.

All interested individuals should seek audience with the Cenarion Circle. Speak with the Arch Druid in Darnassus, Fandral Staghelm, for more information!


What makes you think I wish to be pestered by the likes of you, <class>? Wait - let me stop the important duties I attend to on a daily basis so I can help you locate a doodad somewhere. By all means, the welfare of Darnassus - nay, all of Teldrassil - should come second to the acquisition of a bauble for your collection.

The fools in Moonglade waste my time with their call for assistance, and now I must endure this?


  1. A [55] The New Frontier
  2. A [55] The New Frontier / H [55] The New Frontier
  3. A [55] Rabine Saturna / H [55] Rabine Saturna
  4. N [55] Wasteland
  5. N [55] The Spirits of Southwind
  6. N [57] Hive in the Tower
  7. N [57] Umber, Archivist
  8. N [57] Uncovering Past Secrets
  9. N [57] Under the Chitin Was...

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