For the in-game book, see The New Horde.
HordeThe New Horde
Start Horde Eitrigg
End Horde Gornek
Level 1 (Requires 1)
Category Durotar
Experience 40
Reputation +50 Orgrimmar
+50 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 1s 50c


Report to Gornek in the Den.


Throm'ka, <class>. I am Eitrigg, charged by Thrall to oversee the training of recruits.

The Horde has changed from what it once was. There was a time where I left the Horde, disillusioned by the growing influence of the power-hungry pawns of the Burning Legion. During my exile, I was taken prisoner by a group of humans, but was rescued by the Warchief. Hearing his vision of the Horde free of demonic influence, guided by the shamans, I returned.

Gornek will have further instructions for you.


Another one of Eitrigg's recruits, hm?

A sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in if this is the best the Horde can produce. No matter. By the time we think you're ready to leave the Valley, you'll be a proud warrior of the Horde.


  • Gornek is just inside the cave of the Den.
  • Completing this quest will allow one to receive another quest: H [1-10] Your Place In The World.

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