The North Wind
Image of The North Wind
Race Air revenant (Elemental)
Level 25-30 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Overlord of the Storm Peaks
Location Summoned at the Temple of Life, Storm Peaks
Status Deceased

The North Wind is an level 80 elite air revenant that can be summoned within the Temple of Life in Storm Peaks.


The North Wind was once the elemental ruler of the Storm Peaks of Northrend, crushing the land and its denizens, including the tribes of the taunka, in its iron grip. Seeking to end the North Wind's domination of his people, the taunka hero Stormhoof, brother of Chieftain Swiftspear of Camp Tunka'lo, did battle against the North Wind in the Plain of Echoes and weakened it, but did not manage to defeat it before he fell.[1][2]

Biding its time as it regained strength, the North Wind plotted an insidious revenge against both Stormhoof and his people: It would erase the hero from history, altering the timeline and ensure its continued domination of the Storm Peaks. It changed the recorded history of Tunka'lo, portraying Stormhoof as a servile insurrectionist executed for his "crimes", rather than the hero who had liberated his people.[2] This also had the effect of altering the memory of the people of Tunka'lo. It was not until Xarantaur the Witness, a Watcher of the bronze dragonflight, arrived in Camp Tunka'lo did anyone realize something was amiss. Aided by the powerful Lorehammer and adventurers of the Horde, Xarantaur sought to discover what had caused the change in the timeline. The North Wind's minions blocked the Witness' efforts at every turn, but he was ultimately successful in discovering the truth.[3]

Seeking to set things right, Xarantaur sent those who had aided him back hundreds of years in time to play the part of Stormhoof and face the North Wind again. Once more, Stormhoof fell while greatly weakening the North Wind, but this time, the hero was not alone. With a blast from the  [Horn of Elemental Fury], the North Wind was annihilated, ending its cruel reign over the Storm Peaks.[4]


  • Cyclone
  • Gale
  • Gust of Wind

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