NeutralThe Old Fashioned Way
Start Sylverin
End Margaux
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Suramar
Experience 16,870
Reputation +25 The Nightfallen
Rewards  [Enchanted Nightborne Coin]
20g 60s
Previous N [110] Intense Concentration
Next N [110] Balance to Spare & N [110] Silkwing Sabotage


Participate in a juicing demonstration.

  • Speak with Margaux
  • Unfortified Arcwine produced


While you experienced the raw majesty that is Nightwell Infusion, Margaux was busy preparing another demonstration for you.

Head across the bridge and to the left, then again across a bridge and to your right. You will find her on the juicing veranda.

Enjoy the remainder of your tour!

<Sylverin offers an intensely fake smile.>


You will receive: 20g 60s
Inv misc coin 17.png [Enchanted Nightborne Coin]


Having fun?


I will be certain to have a bottle of your arcwine prepared for you before you leave.



We are preparing to make the unfortified wine. Are you ready to assist?

Gossip Yes, I am ready to help make arcwine.

Margaux says: Take your place near the table. Once we begin, it is important that we keep up the pace. These delicate ingredients spoil quickly.

Margaux will give you a total of six instructions at random to follow.


Silver Jasmine
Margaux says: Ah! It needs something floral, to add a little brightness.
Margaux says: I think a sour note is in order. Add a shadefruit, please.
Purified Water
Margaux says: Let us add a little moisture. Just enough to keep the taps flowing.
Margaux says: The juices need a little massaging- step into the vat and jump to squish the mixture around!
Next instruction
  • Margaux says: You, my friend, are a natural. The blend needs something more, though. Let me think...
  • Margaux says: Exactly what it needed. But there is still something missing...
  • Margaux says: Well done. Now let me see...


The arcwine has soured... you must start over!
  • Margaux says: Are you certain you are ready to participate? This batch will have to be destroyed.
  • Margaux says: Hm... the ingredients have soured. We will have to start again I am afraid. (Note: The voice actor actually says "I'm afraid" instead of "I am afraid.")
  • Margaux says: I feel as though you are losing focus. Is something else on your mind? Step back for a moment and we will try again.


Margaux says: Excellent! You did very well- are you certain you have never made wine before? I will have this bottled immediately.


  1. N [110] Moths to a Flame
  2. N [110] Make an Entrance
  3. N [110] The Fruit of Our Efforts
  4. N [110] How It's Made: Arcwine
  5. N [110] Intense Concentration
  6. N [110] The Old Fashioned Way
  7. N [110] Balance to Spare & N [110] Silkwing Sabotage
  8. N [110] Reversal
  9. N [110] Vengeance for Margaux
  10. N [110] Seek the Unsavory
  11. N [110] Hired Help
  12. N [110] If Words Don't Work...
  13. N [110] A Big Score & N [110] Asset Security
  14. N [110] Make Your Mark
  15. N [110] And They Will Tremble

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