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The Old Ways

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For the removed Blacksmithing quest, see H Blacksmithing [40] The Old Ways.
NeutralThe Old Ways
Start Klystere [47.9, 73.5]
End Klystere [47.9, 73.5]
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Bastion
Experience 6,800
Reputation +100 The Ascended
Rewards  [Larion-Tooth Necklace]
70g 90s 20c
Previous N [50] Walk the Path, Aspirant
Next N [50] A Gift for An Acolyte

The Old Ways is an optional side quest, offered by the stable master Klystere when players first arrive at Aspirant's Rest for N [50] Walk the Path, Aspirant during the Bastion storyline.


Collect an Elysian Thread, 4 Cloudstrider Pelts, and 12 Larion Plumes.


You there! Might I ask your help?

I must confess, with the lack of new souls arriving, our supplies have dwindled. We lack the means to clothe arrivals in proper kyrian attire.

Before the forging of the centurions, aspirants trained against the native wildlife. Perhaps there is another way these beasts can prove useful.

If you collect materials from the cloudstriders and larions nearby, we can use them to ensure our new arrivals look the part.

Oh, and some thread from Mirene, if you would!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc necklace 6 0 007.png [Larion-Tooth Necklace]

You will also receive:


How goes the hunt?


These are perfect! Go in service, always.


On accept:

Klystere says: Keep your eyes on the sky. Larions spend much of their lives airborne!

Purchase one  [Elysian Thread] for 5g from Caretaker Mirene, the innkeeper nearby:

Caretaker Mirene says: Follow the path, outsider.

Plenty of wildlife to kill in the area.


  1. N [50] Welcome to Eternity
  2. N [50] Pardon Our Dust
  3. N [50] A Fate Most Noble
  4. N [50] Trouble in Paradise
  5. N [50] Walk the Path, Aspirant
  6. N [50] The Things That Haunt Us and N [50] A Soulbind In Need
    • Optional side chain:
    1. N [50] The Old Ways
    2. N [50] A Gift for An Acolyte
    3. N [50] More Than A Gift

Alpha version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the alpha stages.

The quest was named An Act of Service.


Oh, an outsider! Could you aid me with something?

We weren't sure if new souls would ever arrive again. We lack the materials to even clothe arrivals in proper kyrian attire!

Before the creation of the Centurions we would train against the beasts of Bastion, but they can still prove useful.

If you could collect materials from the lighthoofs and larions nearby, this humble aspirant would like to ensure our new brethren look the part.

Oh, and some new thread from Mirene if you don't mind!

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