NeutralThe Orchestrator of Our Demise
Start Syrana Starweaver[32.2, 12.6]
End Syrana Starweaver[30.0, 10.4]
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Moon Guard Stronghold
Rewards  [Astromancer's Compass]
Previous N [45] Starweaver's Fate
Next N [45] Last Stand of the Moon Guard


Slay Conjurer Thalerian and acquire the Astromancer's Keystone.


Conjurer Thalerian must be stopped.

He immediately sought out my father's private study when he arrived and he has not yet emerged. I worry that he may have found a very dangerous item.

It is called the Astromancer's Keystone. It is used to manipulate the stronghold's defenses.

Such magic was meant to protect the Moon Guard- used for any other purpose and it becomes unspeakably destructive.

Retrieve the Keystone. Slay Conjurer Thalerian to get it, if you must.


You will receive:
Inv misc idol 05.png [Astromancer's Compass]


Is it done?


They had no right to this power. Thank you.


Use N [45] Overwhelming Distraction to get to Thalerian. The stairs to go further up and find Syrana are nearby him.


  1. N [45] Fate of the Guard
  2. N [45] Take Them in Claw
  3. N [45] The Rift Between
    • Side chain:
    1. N [45] Recovering Stolen Power
    2. N [45] Waiting for Revenge
    3. N [45] Rain Death Upon Them
  4. N [45] Precious Little Left & N [45] Lay Waste, Lay Mines & N [45] Stop the Spell Seekers
  5. N [45] Starweaver's Fate
  6. N [45] The Orchestrator of Our Demise & N [45] Overwhelming Distraction
  7. N [45] Last Stand of the Moon Guard

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