NeutralThe Pariah's Instructions
Start Centaur Pariah
End Centaur Pariah
Level 48 (Requires 39)
Type Dungeon
Category Maraudon
Experience 550-5450
Rewards  [Mark of the Chosen]
1g 40s

In The Pariah's Instructions, the Centaur Pariah asks you to enter Maraudon and defeat the Nameless Prophet and the five first centaur Khans, in order to complete the  [Amulet of Union]. The Centaur Pariah hopes to use this amulet to unite the centaur tribes.


Read  [The Pariah's Instructions]. Afterwards, obtain the  [Amulet of Union] from Maraudon and return it to the Centaur Pariah in southern Desolace.

You will need:


The Centaur Pariah can be found in southern Desolace - he patrols between coordinates 43,85, 48,87 and 50,86.

The Khans are found in these areas:

Middle area = 1st
Purple area = 2nd
Orange area = 3rd
Purple instance = 4th
Orange instance = 5th

For more information on tactics and groups for this instance, see the main Maraudon article.


Though exiled as a heretic, my beliefs still ring true—that alone drives me onward. But for my destiny to be complete, I need the aid of an outsider... one not of any centaur tribe.

The task requires someone to enter the holy halls of Maraudon—a tomb my people protect, and only the most devout are ever allowed to enter.

If you agree to aid me, then you need only nod. I will pass you a parchment with my instructions on it. Read it over and consider my words.


You will be receive:
Inv jewelry talisman 08.png [Mark of the Chosen]


What did you decide, <name>? Can you help me? Will you set foot on holy ground to help me forge one great centaur tribe!?


This is it, <race>! This is it! Now I can begin the great task of uniting the tribes. Thank you.

Take this for your efforts, please. I hope when next we meet, it will be on much different terms.

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