The Path of Redemption is an edited version of  [The Diary of High General Abbendis] intended for general publication around the time that the Scarlet Crusade abandons New Avalon before heading to New Hearthglen as the Scarlet Onslaught.


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The Path of Redemption
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The voice whispered, "Come to me." From the very beginning I knew that it was the Holy Light speaking to me in my dreams. At last! After all of my years of prayers and good deeds, the cleansing of the blight and the unliving from the face of Azeroth. After all of the failures and resurrections.


It happened again. "Come to me...", the Light commanded.

I woke up freezing, but it wasn't cold in my chambers. I'm going to redouble my efforts! I'll tell the high abbot tomorrow that I want prayers increased. No more half-measures!

The Holy Light has taken notice of our good work. I can feel it!

This time I was awake! It was very vivid, and yet for over a minute, in the middle of the warm, sunny day, my breath came out misted and chill. One of the priests noticed and dropped to his knees in prayer.

No one else heard the voice, though. At least the witness proves that I'm not going insane. Maybe I should ask Landgren to pray on the matter?

I'll get Jordan and Street to scrutinize their recruiting efforts tomorrow. We've grown bloated with ranks of unbelievers who yearn only to destroy the undead. That's not enough!

The commander and the bishop were both receptive. Not that they had any choice. Bishop Street in particular seemed very enthusiastic. He spoke of a new crusade and swore to ferret out the weak of our ranks.

I told him to go easy. We're not destroying the Crusade as much as forming an elite cadre of the most faithful to do the Light's bidding in Northrend. I fear the man's friendship with Alphonse is slowly twisting him. They both have their uses, though.

Street's talk of a new crusade, however, has me thinking. I believe that when this new force is assembled, I will give us a new name. It'll have to be evocative of our new mission, yet still provide a tie to the past. I will pray with the high abbot on this.

Our prayers have been answered. The high abbot was particularly moved by the force of the Light's voice, its clarity, and sense of purpose.

Those of us going north - the most faithful - shall be known as the Scarlet Onslaught.

An onslaught upon Northrend we shall be! The cancer of the Scourge threatens to overflow in the crown of the world and drown the rest of us. The time has come to take the fight directly to the Lich King's doorstep.

It is with trepidation that I gaze upon New Avalon, I somehow suspect for the last time. The fate of our cause lies in Northrend. I am filled with a sense of ominous foreboding for some reason. The mission ahead should shake away these concerns. I will put them out of my mind.

The Crimson Dawn is upon us.

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