HordeThe Path to the Citadel
Start Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
End Gorkun Ironskull
Level 25-30 (Requires 25)
Type Dungeon
Category Pit of Saron
Rewards 29g 60s
Previous The Pit of Saron
Next Deliverance from the Pit


Free 15 Horde Slaves and kill Forgemaster Garfrost.


They've put our captured soldiers to work in the quarry.

Kill their captors and set them free, <class>. We will need their aid when we confront Scourgelord Tyrannus.


You will receive: 29g 60s


You've done well this day.

With many of the slaves freed and now with access to the forges, it will not be long before I have a strong force to aid in delivering us from Scourgelord Tyrannus and this foul pit.


Once Garfrost is dead, Gorkun Ironskull and his group of Horde Slaves will appear at the Scourge forges and start looting weapons and armors.

Sylvanas gossip

I will delay here until more reinforcements arrive, but you must keep moving. Arthas will soon realize that we're here.


Optional breadcrumb: B [25-30D] Inside the Frozen Citadel

  1. B [25-30D] Echoes of Tortured Souls
  2. B [25-30D] The Pit of Saron
  3. B [25-30D] The Path to the Citadel
  4. B [25-30D] Deliverance from the Pit
  5. B [25-30D] Frostmourne
  6. B [25-30D] Wrath of the Lich King

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