NeutralThe Pendant of Starlight
Start Brightwing
End Brightwing
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Druid Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Druid [45] A New Beginning
Next N Druid [45] Champion: Brightwing


Retrieve the Pendant of Starlight from Abyssal Queen Sha'rathra, who patrols along the coast of Val'sharah.


To finish my work here, I will need a magical item called the Pendant of Starlight.

For centuries, the Archdruids of the Dreamgrove passed the pendant down from one guardian to the next. But one day, a naga siren used deception to take it!

This pendant stores a great amount of arcane power... power I can use to heal the grove.

Get it back, and I will be very grateful!


You will receive: 19g 40s


Was there much killing?


Yes, this is it... the pendant of the keepers! Hooray! Vengeance is so fun!



To quickly reach Abyssal Queen Sha'rathra, first travel to where Sister Lilith is located. To the right of the moonwell, you can see a partially hidden trail. Follow it until you're almost at the end. Leave the trail and carefully drop down until you are on the coastline. From there, head to where the quest marker is shown on your map. Kill the queen and then use [Dreamwalk] to return to Brightwing.


  1. N Druid [10-45] A Summons From Moonglade
  2. N Druid [10-45] Call of the Wilds
  3. N Druid [10-45] The Dreamway
  4. N Druid [10-45] To The Dreamgrove
  5. N Druid [10-45] Weapons of Legend
  6. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  7. N Druid [10-45] Sowing The Seed
  8. N Druid [10-45] Ascending The Circle
  9. N Druid [10-45] Word on the Winds
  10. N Druid [10-45] Making Trails
  11. N Druid [10-45] Growing Power (optional)
  12. Complete all of:
  13. N Druid [10-45] Sister Lilith
  14. N Druid [10-45] Recruiting the Troops
  15. N Druid [10-45] A Glade Defense
  16. N Druid [10-45] Branching Out
  17. N Druid [10-45] Sampling the Nightmare
  18. N Druid [10-45] Dire Growth
  19. N Druid [10-45] Malorne's Refuge
  20. N Druid [10-45] Grip of Nightmare
  21. N Druid [10-45] Tracking the Enemy
  22. N Druid [10-45] Idol of the Wilds
  23. N Druid [10-45] Gathering the Dreamweavers
  24. N Druid [10-45] The Protectors
  25. Optional

Level 45

  1. N Druid [45] The Way to Nordrassil
  2. Complete all of:
  3. N Druid [45] A Dying Dream
  4. N Druid [45] Communing With Malorne
  5. N Druid [45] A New Beginning
  6. Complete both:
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N Druid [45] Enter Nightmare
  9. N Druid [45] Defenders of the Dream
  10. N Druid [45] The War of the Ancients
  11. N Druid [45] Archimonde, The Defiler
  12. N Druid [45] The Demi-God's Return
  13. N Druid [45] A Hero's Weapon

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