NeutralThe Penitent Hunt
Start The Fearstalker [47.9, 70.1]
End The Fearstalker
Level 59 (Requires 59)
Category Revendreth
Experience 9,700
Rewards  [Gargon Eye Ring]
25g 50s 60c
Previous N [59] Let the Hunt Begin
Next N [59] The Accuser


Speak to the Fearstalker in Wanecrypt Hill and participate in the Penitent Hunt.


You will descend upon these poor souls. Remember, you are helping them and Revendreth through the terror you bring. When a soul is filled with fear, their resistances to our methods falter.

The Master has requested that you hunt the Accuser yourself. But we must prey upon some of the others first.

I will be able to guide you through your first hunt.


You will receive:


The souls must be hunted.


Well done. The fear we struck allowed us to extract ample anima for Revendreth.

Onto our final target.


On accept of both:

The Fearstalker says: Hopebreakers, you may begin.

Speak with the Fearstalker again:

The hunt calls, <name>.
Gossip Let's begin.

Before leaving, Huntmaster Constantin offers an optional side quest: N [58] Hunting Trophies.

Look around for the named hunt targets while killing the rest of the wildlife. You get the Hopebreaker buff.

Yoshai is caught in a Hopebreaker Trap surrounded by Rotting Deathwalkers:

The Fearstalker says: Their broken hope leads the way.
The Fearstalker says: Look, <name>. Paralyze a soul with fear, and their anima flows freely.
Yoshai the Merciless says: I feel... sorrow. I must repent.

Loksey is being tormented by a devourer, Truulax:

The Fearstalker says: Manifestations of their remaining hope. We are close.
The Fearstalker says: Even the houndmaster cannot resist when succumbed by fear. Off to Lady Darkvein with him.
Houndmaster Loksey says: I thought I was brave. Maybe I was wrong.

Tiana is trapped in a web cast by an Engorged Fearspinner:

The Fearstalker says: I can sense our prey's overwhelming fear.
The Fearstalker says: Fear has left you defenseless to the process. To the Halls of Atonement with you.
Crimelord Tiana says: Yes. Please no more!

The three souls are snatched by a Fate Usher.


  1. N [59] The Grove of Terror
  2. N [59] Dread Priming
  3. N [59] Alpha Bat
  4. N [59] King of the Hill
  5. N [59] Let the Hunt Begin
  6. N [59] The Penitent Hunt and N [59] Devour This
  7. N [59] The Accuser
  8. N [59] A Reflection of Truth
  9. N [59] Dredhollow
  10. N [59] Breaking the Hopebreakers, N [59] They Won't Know What Hit Them, and N [59] Rebel Reinforcements
  11. N [59] The Fearstalker

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Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the alpha stages.

 [Soulbound Fang] was provided.

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I will be able to guide you through your first hunt. The gargon you just infused will join us as well.

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