AllianceThe Plot Thickens
Start Professor Pallin
End Bill Spearshaker
Level 10-45
Category Inscription
Experience 16,170
Rewards 18g 60s
Previous N Inscription [10-45] An Embarrassing Revelation
Next A Inscription [10-45] The Legacy Passed On
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Inscription [10-45] The Plot Thickens.


Go to Ironforge and look for B. Spearshaker.


Very well, I won't deny it. The Steamy Romance Novel is mine.

I only read it for the penmanship, I assure you! He writes such curvy "B"s... and such ample "D"s!

In fact... you might benefit from a penmanship lesson. The author of these books is one B. Spearshaker. I believe he can be found in the library in Ironforge.

Stop reading, student. You are dismissed. And give me my book back!


You will receive: 18g 60s


Hello! Ye must be one of me many fans here for an autograph.

Oh, yer here about the romance novels, are ye? I see ye've discovered my little secret.

Ye know, I've grown tired of writing those. I've moved on, ye see. Wrote me last one yesterday.

But perhaps ye'd like to carry on the tradition...?



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