VenthyrThe Prince's New Crown
Start General Draven[21.1, 22.9]
End Prince Renathal[51.8, 37.6]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Venthyr Campaign
Experience 9,450
77g 22s
Previous N [60] Face Your Fears
Next N [60] Confronting Sin


Deliver the  [Crown of the Harvesters] to Prince Renathal in Sinfall.


The crown is ready. I will entrust you to deliver it to Renathal.

Make haste, <name>. This power will surely attract assailants if word gets out.

You may use the mirror to return. Know that I will be dispatching others to destroy it after your arrival.

Safe travels, Maw Walker.


You will receive one of the following:
Inv boot cloth revendreth d 01.png [Soulbreaker's Ebony Slippers] Inv boot leather revendreth d 01.png [Ebony Death Shroud Boots]
Inv boots mail revendreth d 01.png [Fearstalker's Ebony Sabatons] Inv boot plate revendreth d 01.png [Dread Sentinel's Ebony Greatboots]

You will also receive:


Excellent work, <name>.

With this crown, I can focus the magic of the Harvesters into an unstoppable force. Now we continue our mission to redeem Revendreth. As a token of my appreciation for all of your help, I open up our armory to you. Please pick your reward.


On accept
Mikanikos says: Crown is ready for your leader. Denathrius's influence is gone.
General Draven says: We must express our thanks, Forgelite Prime. Without your aid and trust, we would not have succeeded.
Mikanikos says: We are in this together. But remember that when Bastion needs help.
General Draven says: At your service, Forgelite Prime.
Speaking to General Draven
Maw Walker, we must make haste.
Gossip Take me down, General Draven.
Draven carries you back to the south entrance to the Citadel of Loyalty, near Steward's Rest.
General Draven says: Make haste to Sinfall, <name>. I must go retrieve the others.
On completion
Prince Renathal says: Let this crown embody everything Sinfall stands for. Revendreth will unite and redeem itself from the sins of Denathrius.
As Renathal speaks, he turns around and places the Crown of the Harvesters atop the dais behind the Sinstone of Revendreth.


  1. N [60] How to Wear Seven Medallions
  2. N [60] Hidden Mirror
  3. N [60] A Tense Reunion
  4. N [60] Right our Wrongs, N [60] No Friend of Mine, N [60] The Right Stuff
  5. N [60] A Perfect Circle, N [60] Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons
  6. N [60] Crown of the Harvesters
  7. N [60] Heavy is the Head...
  8. N [60] Citadel of Loyalty
  9. N [60] Lowering Their Defenses, N [60] Disloyalty
  10. N [60] Face Your Fears
  11. N [60] The Prince's New Crown

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