AllianceThe Proof of Piracy
Start Moxie Lockspinner
End Moxie Lockspinner
Level 35-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 16,450
Reputation +75 Storm's Wake
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [35-50] Cave Commotion


Destroy 6 pirate Rum Stashes.


One thing pirates love more than gold is rum. So we're going to find their rum stashes and blow them up. With the rum all gone, a lot of the pirates should move on.

Use my special barrel busting bombs to destroy the pirates' hidden rum stashes.


You will receive:


Let's blow up some rum!


That was hard, but it had to be done.


Pick up A [35-50] I Want It All Now and A [35-50] We're Not Friends before heading out.

While on this quest, players have access to an extra ability:

  • Inv misc bomb 09.png  Barrel Buster Bomb 5-30 yd range — Inflicts fire damage and stuns enemies as well as destroying rum barrels. Instant (8 sec cooldown)

Just west of Captain Calico McGee is a wagon full of Irontide Loot. Interact with the chest to start A [35-50] All Laid Out For Us. Try to pick that quest up as quickly as possible.

Use the extra action button and target the barrels of rum on the ground. Each set of three counts as one stash.


Optional breadcrumb from Eckhart Lodge: A [35-50] Reloading

  1. A [35-50] Break 'Em Out & A [35-50] Iron Low Tide & A [35-50] Two Faced Pirate Scum
  2. A [35-50] Treasure Hunting
  3. A [35-50] Bomb Beats Rock & A [35-50] Anchors Aweigh Too Much & A [35-50] Not On Our Payroll & A [35-50] Fun With Magnets
  4. A [35-50] Share the Wealth
  5. A [35-50] Don't Turtle
  6. A [35-50] Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm
  7. A [35-50] No Bot Left Behind
  8. A [35-50] Cave Commotion
  9. A [35-50] All Laid Out For Us
  10. Optional follow-up: A [35-50W] Walking-Around Money

Outbound breadcrumb to Seabreeze Village: A [35-50] Helping Out, Somewhere Else

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