NeutralThe Proper Souls
Start The Accuser
End The Accuser
Level 57-60
Category Revendreth
Experience 7,750
Reputation +100 The Avowed
Rewards 50g 54s 40c
Previous N [57-60] An Abuse of Power
Next N [57-60] Ritual of Absolution


Subjugate 4 Fugitive Souls and deliver them to the Accuser.


We must save as many souls as we can from the fate we have just witnessed.

Search the halls for souls who have escaped the Lord Chamberlain's perverse rituals. Subjugate them and bring them to me inside the Halls of Atonement.

Together, we will make certain that each soul is appropriately processed and cared for.


You will receive:


If even one soul can be saved, it is worth it.


Every lost soul must be tended to.


On accept of all three
The Accuser says: The Lord Chamberlain has perverted the entire process of absolution!
The Accuser says: You and I will tend to needy souls the proper way, without question and without hesitation.
The Accuser says: Meet me inside the Halls of Atonement when you have everything we require.
On approach in the Halls of Atonement
The Accuser says: I am pleased to find that you have not neglected our sacred duty.
Avowed Ritualist says: Never! If even one soul can be saved, it is worth it.


  1. N [58] The Absolution of Souls / N [57-60] Our Forgotten Purpose
  2. N [57-60] An Abuse of Power
  3. N [57-60] The Proper Souls, N [57-60] The Proper Tools, and N [57-60] The Proper Punishment
  4. N [57-60] Ritual of Absolution
  5. N [57-60] Ritual of Judgment
  6. N [57-60] Archivist Fane
  7. N [57-60] The Sinstone Archive, N [57-60] Missing Stone Fiend, and N [57-60] Atonement Crypt Key
  8. N [57-60] Rebuilding Temel
  9. N [57-60] Ready to Serve
  10. N [57-60] Hunting an Inquisitor
  11. N [57-60D] Halls of Atonement: Your Absolution

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