HordeThe Quarry Quandary
Start Foreman Grobash
End Morketh Bladehowl
Level 20-40
Category Talador
Experience 1450
Rewards 1g 30s
Previous B [20-40] At Your Command
Next H [20-40] Unleashed Steel
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [20-40] The Quarry Quandary.


Obtain Morketh Bladehowl's assistance.


Now that our arsenal is built we need a skilled smith to operate it.

We recently caught an Iron Horde deserter who claims he used to be one of the Blackrock's best iron workers.

Normally I'd ignore the ravings of a captive, but the weapons we took out of his pack had the finest workmanship I've ever seen.

Commander, I think we should see if he's as good as he claims.

On approach

Morketh Bladehowl says: Hey! Let me out of this thing!


You will receive: 1g 30s


You're the one in charge around here, right? I've heard the guards talk about your exploits and if I wasn't looking at you now I'd swear they were lying.

I've only ever wanted to make the finest blades and put them in the hands of the strongest of fighters. I can tell already that you're exactly the type I want to carry my weapons.

If you can give me a chance I swear you will not be disappointed.


  • 1450 XP


Morketh Bladehowl is near the exit of the settlement caged up.


  1. B [20-40] The Quarry Quandary
  2. A [20-40] In Ared's Memory / H [20-40] Unleashed Steel
  3. Complete all of:
  4. B [20-40] Going to the Gordunni
  5. B [20-40] Dropping Bombs
  6. Complete all of:
  7. B [20-40] The Lord of the Gordunni
  8. B [20-40] The Only Way to Travel
  9. B [20-40] Armor Up (optional)

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