NeutralThe Quickcharge Contract
Start Pristy Quickcharge
End Pristy Quickcharge
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Mechagon Island
Experience 1,800
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous N [50] Your First Charge is Free! & Honored with Rustbolt Resistance
Next N [50] Recharging Rustbolt


Agree to the Quickcharge Contract.


Wondrous news, dear test subject!

My dear brother and I have restored 65% of the functionality of our research laboratory.

We are hoping to resume our regular research schedule shortly, but require a fresh batch of brave test subjects to help us push the laws of nature and science to their limits!

If you're interested, you'll just need to agree to our standard verbal contract first...


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


How can I help you, dear test subject?


Welcome to the Quickcharge team, dear test subject.

What a wondrous day this is!


Speaking with Pristy
We're so very excited to have you test the NRG-100!

Gossip I'm ready to test the NRG-100

<Pristy giggles.>
You are certainly NOT ready, dead test subject!
You haven't agreed to the verbal contract yet.
Gossip I'm ready to agree to your verbal contract.
Gossip Why do you have a verbal contract?
We simply insist that every potential test subject confirm their ability and willingness to participate in our experiments.
We believe that our technology can, and will, improve the lives of every living being on Azeroth. But we also believe that living beings should choose this improvement. We will not force it on anyone who does not ask for it.
We're not wicked King Mechagon, after all!
<Pristy giggles.>
Gossip Yes, of course... And how do I agree to the verbal contract?
Wondrous, let's proceed.
This verbal contract waives all previously held, typically understood, or spiritually derived claims regarding your physical form and its current functionality.
Gossip What sort of functionality?
Specifically, you waive your claims to the following functionalities:
Both innate AND adaptive immunity,
General well-being,
and interminable biological life.
Gossip Is there any functionality that I'm not waiving claim to?
You'll be as cute as ever. There's no waiving that one, not for you. No way.
<Pristy looks you up and down slowly.>
Gossip My face is up here, Pristy.
Gossip What was the last one?
Interminable biological life.
Oh, it's not as scary as it sounds, I waived mine long ago!
Are you ready to continue?
Gossip Okay...
Wondrous, let's proceed.
Do you, <name>, hereby waive all of the claims I've previously mentioned in their entirety, for all eternity?
Gossip I do.
Pristy Quickcharge says: Dear brother, <name> has waived all claims.
Flip Quickchar says: Tremendous! Now the experiment can begin.
Wondrous! Welcome to the Quickcharge team, dear test subject.
Your verbal agreement is now stored on file here at our laboratory.
You're authorized to participate in any and all future experiments we conduct at this and any and all future locations, regardless of risk, life expectancy, or your general uneasiness at the aims or methods of said experiments.
Welcome to the future!
Gossip I need more time to think this over.
Of course, dear test subject.
Flip and I would never want you to feel pressured to participate.
Take your time. Consider the joys of your future life, when its[sic] enhanced by all of the wondrous technology we can create.
Consider the incredible enhancements you can already see on your own bodies. The Quickcharge twins are walking testaments to the power of technology!
Let me know when you're ready to proceed.
Gossip Okay, I'm ready to proceed.
Gossip I'll come back later.
Please do, dear test subject. We'll be waiting.



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